Rural System's

The Pleasant Yards Group

Increasingly people are moving from the cities. The residential area people are moving to the rural fringes. There are growing needs for wildlife management at the rural fringe.

Quarries, roadways, powerlines, farmyards, and industrial areas ... all have wildlife that can be managed ... to increase or decrease it. The variety of conditions is so great that it is difficult to generalize. The key activities are within gardens and for birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths. There are needs to reduce pests (e.g., pigeons or their effects) and auto collisions.

Whether in the city, town, or rural area, yards can be managed for great satisfaction. Service can be supplied (like that of the lawn care companies). Landscaping can improve energy conservation in buildings and provide food and nesting sites. Free-roaming pets are a significant problem and poor sanitation (all types) can attract many animals that may become pests.

The program and projects of The Group includes:

Typically, work will be done with urban forestry specialists and include
  1. Re-leaf projects
  2. Leaf pickup and composting
  3. Bark spreading
  4. Tree and plant inventories
  5. Energy saving inventories
  6. Fire wood supplies
  7. Lightning protection
  8. Night lighting
  9. Pest deterrence
  10. Tree evaluations
  11. Land appraisals

Relations with Alpha Earth and other Groups are encouraged.

See Rural System, Inc Gardens and Yards Group design.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 2, 2005