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A Brief Weisend Family History

It is believed that Jacob Weisend (1780-1864) (and the names have changed in sound and spelling over time : Weisend ... Weisent ... Weisandt) came from Alsace, France, near the Poltinate section of what is now Germany.

When Napoleon abolished the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 he seized parts of Prussia and Austria. He forced the people as far as that area and along the Rhine to become French subjects and formed a "Confederation of the Rhine," which was under his protection. Germany didn't become a province until the late 1800s which was several years after Peter Weisend and his family came to the USA.

The men were often sent to fight, land was taken from them and their religious freedoms were threatened. These were the reasons so many wanted to come to the "New World." They set sail from England or Rotterdam, Holland. The voyage was long and treacherous on the small sail boats. Some of the passengers were robbed or became ill, and some died. Many came as indentured servants and upon arrival worked for a master. He in turn had the passage on the boat for the emigrant. For many it was an advantage because it gave him security, he learned the English language, ways of the new world, saved money, and perhaps found a wife.

The German emigrants were in demand because they usually knew a skill and were good workers.

The plight of the Weisends is not known specifically, but it is known they were devout Catholics, thrifty farmers, and skilled carpenters.

Jacob Weisend came with his three-year-old son, Peter Weisend, born in 1830 in Germany, with a brother and their families and settled in America. The family moved from Monroe to Bethel Township, Washington County, and then to Ludlow in the same county. He died in Ohio, in 1864 at age 84.

Peter Weisend (6-16-1830-Oct 1 1903) was three years old when the family came to America. He had always carried on farming, at first in Monroe and several years later in Bethel Township, Noble County, to which he moved in 1870. After several years there, he went to Ludlow Township, Washington County, where he lived until his wife's death. After that he made his home with his daughter, also in Ludlow Township. Politically, he was a Democrat.
In 1864 he answered the call for 100-day men and performed guard duty -- not being sent to the front where the fighting was going on.

Peter married Barbara Ann Seling (Crock or Saling (? Crock or Seling ? ... her maiden name is an unanswered question)) (7-29-1831; died 7-19-1895) whose father was a Hessian and fought under Napoleon. She was three years old when her parents located in Noble County. She became the mother of 15 children, 11 of whom reached maturity, as follows:

  1. Mary, deceased, who was the wife of David Burkhard, of Ludlow Township, Washington County.
  2. Margaret, wife of August Vogt of Ludlow Twp, Washington Co.
  3. Jacob J. Weisend, the well known contractor and carpenter of the East End. East Liverpool, Ohio, was born Aug. 21, 1854, in Monroe County, Ohio.Our dad. suggesting notes were prepared by ..
  4. Barbara, wife of John Schneider, of Independence Twp, Washington Co.
  5. Peter (1859-1940), of Muskingum Co. (and Washington Co.)
  6. Caroline, wife of Nicholas Blatt, of Wetzel Co., W.VA. (and later Church Twp, Washington Co., OH.)
  7. Christine, wife of Joseph Burkhart, of Muskingum Twp., Washington Co.
  8. Abeline, wife of James H. Robinett, of E. Liverpool, OH.
  9. George J., of Marietta, OH. Never married.
  10. John, of Terra Haute, Indiana.
  11. Raymond S., of Marietta, OH.
  12. Mrs. Weisend died in 1899 at age 66.
    Both parents were Roman Catholics and are buried in St. Patrick's cemetery in Homan, OH.

Jacob J. Weisend (#3 in the last above) grew to mans (?) estate in Monroe County, Ohio and learned the trade of carpenter. He then went to Washington County and worked at carpentering there for several years, and in 1888 came to East Liverpool, Ohio. In 1890 he moved to the East End. Working at his trade, he did not begin taking contracts until 1892. He had all the work he could perform, building many residences and keeping from four to six men constantly employed.

He was married to Hannah Welch, a native of Washington County and a daughter of Peter Welch. She died Feb. 23, 1905 at age 44. She was the mother of 10 children, six of whom are living: Margaret, James, Barbara May, Agnes, Beatrice, and Catherine.

Mr. Weisend was a strong Democrat and took a lively interest in politics. He served for three years as clerk of Independence Township, Washington County, and while a resident of that county was the Democratic nominee for State Senator in 1884.

He was president of the first library in East Liverpool, established by the Trades and Labor Council. He served six years until his position was absolved by the Carnegie Public Library. Then he was appointed by the City Council as director of that institution. Upon expiration of his term he was reappointed by Mayor Weaver, but he declined to serve. In 1901 he was nominated for Mayor of East Liverpool and made a good run but failed at election as the city is strongly Republican. He served three terms as president of the Trades and Labor Council and twice represented that body in the Ohio Federation of Labor. He has been organizer for the American Federation of Labor for the last 10 years. He is a member of East Liverpool Council No. 509 Knights of Columbus, of which he has been deputy grand knight, and he is also a member of the Royal Avcanum.

Maggie Binegar and Helen Robinette Barbara's name was Saling, but Sister Mary Edith Burkhart, who is still living and the daughter of Joseph and Christine Burkhart, maintains it is Crock. After Barbara's death in 1895, Peter went to live with a daughter in Ludlow Township.

One of Peter's daughters, Christine Weisend Burkhart, had an altar room in her home on Masonic Park Road in Muskingum Township, OH, which was often the custom in Europe. Many attended Mass at Fulda in Noble County when Mass was said in German. A school was maintained and also taught in German. In most of the homes, very little English was spoken.

They were excellent farmers and very thrifty. Jacob, one of the sons, helped build St. Patrick's Church at Homan. Most young men in Germany had learned the trade as an apprentice, and perhaps Jacob was taught the skills by his father or someone in the community.

George Weisend, another son, was known as a skilled carpenter and built his sister's house that is still standing at Shay. Binegar's live in it, and it is in good repair.

Peter's son Peter owned what later became the Experimental Farm in Devola near Marietta and is now the site of some very expensive homes. The barn stood until 1984 and was torn down after being used for a tool shed while the homes were being built. The home on Masonic Park still remains and is well kept by its owners. It is just off Route 60, Marietta.

John and Annie Weisend - Children:

  1. John
  2. Helen
  3. Bessie
  4. Harry
  5. Ann
  6. Lois

Raymond and Barbara Fernere Weisend - Children:

  1. Ernie
  2. Mildred
  3. John LeRoy
  4. Mabel
  5. Earl
  6. Gladys
  7. Irene
  8. Harry
Jacob and Hanna Welch Weisend - Children:
  1. Rosy Catherine
  2. Edward Eugene
  3. Margaret Clair
  4. James Harry
  5. Elta Elizabeth
  6. Barbara May
  7. Agnes Tracy
  8. Beatrice Bertha
  9. Katharine Estella
  10. Mary Irene

Margaret Weisend Blatter Vogt - Children

  1. Walter
  2. Bertha
  3. Lulu (twins
  4. Mary Zenetta)
  5. James
  6. Warner
  7. Joseph Vogt (by 2nd husband)
Abbie Weisend and James Robinett - Children:
  1. Alma
  2. Everett
  3. Winifred
  4. Bess
  5. Elta
  6. Donald
  7. Helen
  8. Dorothy
Barbara Weisend & John Schneider ( Shay, Ohio) - Children: .
  1. Joe
  2. Will
  3. Thresa
  4. Enos
  5. Margaret
  6. Harry
Christine Weisend and Joseph Burkhard- Children:
  1. Andrew Burkhart
  2. Helen
  3. Louise Huck
  4. Lulu
  5. Clarence

Joseph Burkhard and Carrie Weisend Blatt - Children:

  1. Lawrence (died)
  2. Annie
  3. Gregory
  4. Isidore
  5. William
  6. Edward (died) Aug. 11, 2000

Peter Patrick Weisent (5-7-1859; d. 3-14-1940) On Feb. 18, 1880, at St. Henry's Church at Harrietsvillle, OH., married Mary Adelaide Bloomingdale (3-1-1861; d. 3-31-1915). Both are buried in Cedar Hill cemetery at Newark, OH.

They had 9 children(Weisent)


John Walter (b.11-7-1882 ; d. 2-11-1963). Married Anna Rupple. They lived at Lowell & Marietta, OH. They had 8 children. Ruth died very young with Bright's disease. Henrietta married a widower (Raymond Wood who had 3 children). They had one daughter, Barbara, who is a nun teaching in Florida.
Julia (1-28-1917) married Frank Hicks ... lives in Pittsburgh.
John (1-28-1917) never married ... died from injuries in accident in 1974 (Marietta Laundry).
Virginia married Donald MacLarty. She was a WAC in WWII ... she is now paralyized in a nursing home in Florida.
Alberta married William Boris. She died with cancer in San Diego, CA.
Robert died while a teenager wading or swimming in Cat's Creek, Lowell, Ohio.
Mary Frances never married. Works for commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg). Uncle Walt and Aunt Annie: 8 children; 1 grandchild.


Bertha Ora Weisent (12-11-1884; Dec. 1967) married Clarence ("Butch") Wagner, a Washington County highway employee. They had 2 children.
Gladys, a teacher, married R. Max LaFaber. They had no children.
Donald H. (b. 1909) worked 29 years at American Cyanamid. Married Bernice Williamson, They had no children. He was in WWII for 2 1/2 yrs -- 2 yrs in European Theater.


Lawrence L. Weisend (8-19-1887; 12/28/1964) was a Purple Heart veteran of WWI (shrapnel in knee). He married Mary Helen Holmes after the war. They had three children (first boy died in infancy).


William Leonard Weisend (5-18-1889-June, 1972) Married Carol Lauer (1897-1978) Aug. 1915; their children:


Clarence A. Weisend (Jan. 19, 1891 - 1947) married Carol Geddel of Marietta. They lived in Cleveland where he worked at Standard Oil. They had one child, Betty, who is retired from Standard Oil Co.


Anna Mae Weisend (May 30, 1894- Dec., 1953) married Ralph (Jack) Kerns, Newark policeman. They had no children. Buried West Alexandria ( corner of W.VA. and PA.)


Sarah Clare Weisend (1-2-1896- Sept., 1981) married Edward Gist, custodian, Newark schools. They had no children.


Edna Jeanette Weisend (4-10-1898- 1-9-1980) married Harry Albert Phillips, a dairy farmer. They had one child, Richard E. Phillips, who married Charlene Andrews. They had four sons:

Aunt Edna and Uncle Harry had 1 child, 4 grandsons, 2 great grandchildren.


Andrew Homer Weisent (10-9-1902 ...Feb., 1958) ... in Cuba in WWI .
Auto salesman, Newark, OH , married Evelyn Miller. They had son, Robert ("Bobby") A.
Andy and Evelyn divorced. He married Norma Glasmier. They had a daughter, Rhonda, who died in infancy. Bobby was married ... has a son and a daughter, but he and his wife divorced. Aunt Sarah willed her house and contents to Uncle Andy's grandchildren.

Bobby's daughter, Michelle, married Peter Price, of Columbus. I think Bobby's son is also named "Bobby."

Sharing family names and dates of genenology interests
These notes were developed and maintained by Wendy Weisand (Rec'd Mar., 1978 ... Rec'd Aug. 2000) and shared in early September, 2005.

Additional Detailed Family Names and Notes

Christine, wife of Joseph Burkhart, of Muskingum Twp., Washington Co.
Abeline, wife of James H. Robinett, of E. Liverpool, OH.
George J., of Marietta, OH. Never married.
John, of Terra Haute, Indiana.
Raymond S., of Marietta, OH.
Mrs. Weisend died in 1899 at age 66.

Daily Events and Activities of the Period - Dated Notes from Wendell Weisend

Friday, Nov. 15, 1996 Weather bitterly cold; Rode bike for 40 min; solved cryptoquote; HRF game Wednesday night; TV of Superb temples among great Tibetan mountains; very good supper last night at Zeppoli's; breakfast this am at BCC; Hokies to play this pm at Miami (on CBS TV).

Sunday,November 16, 1996 Hokies beat Miami, 21-7; Several other major upsets yesterday. Made it to church this am; Rode bike 40 minutes; We ate today at Cracker Barrel; Helped Ann remove battery from her mower to put on recharge.

Tuesday, Nov. 19 -- Monday was a big day (Ann: aerobics, bridge; me: pro time, Rehab (new member);went for supper at Outback with Stuart and Tom. Today went to Roanoke: Hech's, JC Penny, K&W for brunch. Boatwright group meeting.

Thursday, Nov.21 Lunch at the Marriott; Sent message to Tom and Pam; Continue to experiment with "this machine" (the computer).

Friday, Nov. 22 -- Haven't been out of the house today; rode the bike for 30 minutes; Wendy's saga with the serum keeps more and more complicated; Waiting now for e-mail from Tom.

Sunday, Nov. 24 -- Saw Hokies clobber Mountaineers, 31-14. Today we met Hank and Jean at Pargo's for brunch. (This attempt just interrupted by a call from Larry Leonard). This afternoon , for the first time in several weeks I walked 35 min.

Monday, Nov. 25 --,Rehab; ordered order Xmas gift books). Made appt. to take car to Pulaski tomorrow am; plan to take Leo and Tish to lunch early next week.

Tuesday, Nov. 26 -- Went to Pulaski for service (38,365 mi.). Back home by 10 a.m. Got gas. Went to Coliseum to deliver a news clipping to Tom; wound up visiting with John Moody for half an hour (in my original office). Ann and I had lunch at Pizza Hut, where we were joined by Wendy Ann. (Long story, but thru Lance and Marshall she found needed serum).

Sat., Nov. 30, 1996 Mountain View with McNeers.

Sun., Dec. 1 Anchy's restaurant.

Dec. 2, 1996 -- Rehab; Tuesday Sherry and I had lunch with Leo and Tish at Red Lobster; Meeting of Boatwright committee; rehab on the 4th; New Dimensions party; Bridge at HRF; Dec. 5, -- Lunch with Cindy at Morning Glory.

Friday, June 18,1999 - visits with Lance and Kathryn on their trip to AtlantaL; new ring; phone conversations with Zee in Portland; She and Nancy and Neuf seem to have missed connections for several years. Ann & I enjoyed the visit (with Zee -- as well as the Neufers); we went to see "October Sky" movie at the Lyric now well restored; Marian called re tax situation relating to the Liberty house.

Saturday, June 19, 1999 Just want to catch up on Zee's phone call from Portland, Ore., on Tuesday, 6-15, 4:50 p.m. (Nancy N. announced a week's cruise for all their kids and families (14) in Alaska; Zee having breathing problems. (29 yrs since she quit smoking); Toni Loomis -- now Mrs. Karl Weber, of Carolina Meadows (Chapel Hill)and Hans returned from Baja trip to find house been broken into and burgaled: TV, VCR, satellite dish, microwave, camera, guitar, hair dryer, coins and some other kitchen items; Hans misses his swimming. Workman fell 40' into their "black hole" (a water well).

Sunday, June 20, 1999 -- Brunch at 4-Points. Spent most of the day watching US Open. It was won on a putt at 18th by Payne Stewart (by one over Phil Mikelsen; by 2 over Tiger Woods and J. Singh). Wendy Ann and Jeff came over for Father's Day (Lance called while they were here).

Thurs., Dec. 30, 1999 To get a head start on Y2K (the transition to the year 2000 and clock and computer data-base difficulties) Meant to workout today, but never got around to it. Went to CVS on S. Main to pick up printout of prescriptions for the year; Reed Lumber in Christiansburg for several items;stopped by K Mart on way back for a couple of things; ate lunch;Kreg called and came by ;Tom McN. called; by the time we got off the phone, it was after 4pm;listen to womens game on radio and watch two bowl games).

Thurs., Jan. 6 Need to compress details of a week; arrived back in B-burg yesterday afternoon (Wed., Jan. 5) from three days in New Orleans. The Hokies lost to FSU, 46-29, in a rather dramatically contested game ... which in the final analysis was won by FSU's superior depth.

We had a good time in New Orleans., renewed acquaintances; at supper here at home last evening I received a call from my Air Force crew pilot, Merwyn Hornshuh, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. It's amazing that my investigative attempts over the last five or six weeks have begun to pay off. This afternoon, Tom Toot called from Youngstown (he re-established connections with some of his crew this past year).

Fri., Jan. 7I called Hornshuh last night, and we talked for an hour; he and Tom Toot have in common a birthday, Sept. 21.Hornshuh's wife died in March '98. He will be 80 this coming September. He has two sons , one who has a big position with DuPont in Delaware, the other a pharmacist in Hawaii (based in Oahu). The oldest son, in Delaware, has a daughter, the only grandchild.

When he came back from overseas, Hornshuh spent two or three years teaching USAF pilots to fly B-29s. Then he spent a few years as private pilot for several generals in D.C. Finally, he got out because his wife didn't like the service life. He's going to send me some pictures and a log of our missions. I'm certainly looking forward to that!

Sat., Jan. 8 -- Got up 5:30 a.m.; went to Fitness Connection at 7:30 for 37-minute workout (the first since last Saturday, and it certainly felt like it); window installers arrived at 9 a.m.

Recollections of renewed acquaintances (New Orleans) at informal meetings of VT Monogram Club in Kabby's Bar in the Hilton. First I ran into Mike Hozdovic and Vic Kreiter; then Jerry Green, Tom Parks (and later his dad, Tom, VT '43), Clyde Barnette, Roger Neale, Tommy Walker, Dennis Dodson, Andy Bowling, and Hall-of-Famers Dickie Beard, Leo Burke, Jack Prater and Dick Arnold; Tommy Trice (from Lynchburg) filled me in on Dave Bryan.

Sat., Nov. 27

Address401st Bomb Group, Mr. George Menzel, 18 Deer Run, Savanah, GA 31411-1374

Rusty Bloxom, Chief Historian Mighty

Don and Carol Fleeger came to visit for about 1 1/2 hr.

Wed. Dec. 1 -- Sports Club: met Bonnie ... Ann and I sat with Eula and Joe Fotenot ... I won game picks.

Thur., Dec. 2 pro-time.

Fri. Dec. 3 : Fitness. "Here's Love" (remake of Miracle on 34th St.)

Dec. 4 Cleaned gutters.

Sun., Dec. 5 Aphorisms: on a hill, under a tree; wisdom

Tues., Dec. 7 Nathan's game; sat with Wiley and Trear

Wed., Dec. 8 Won Hokie cap.

Fri., Dec. 10 Lunch with Al and Doug Martin. (J. Shockley didn't show up).

Sun., Jan. 30 Last weekend, Jan. 20-21-22, was informal reunion of track, wrestling and swimming champions of mid to late 1950s; Weather was miserable;first real snow and bitter cold of the season; didn't take in any of the current competitions, although Ann and I did attend supper meeting on Saturday night; sat with Jane and Bill Buchanan, Traci and Jim Weaver and Dick Redding.

Fri., Feb. 25 Last Monday, the 14th, Ann and I drove to Hilton Head, SC, to spend a week with the McNeers. We had a wonderful time;Wednesday, the 16th, we went to Savannah to visit the Eighth Air Force Museum. Although it was done to satisfy my curiosity, I think all of us enjoyed the couple of hours spent there; went to downtown Savannah ; long walk toMrs. Wilkes' diner (I'm not sure that's the proper Designation, but it's on Jones St., and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. We arrived about 2:30 -- the place closes at 3 p.m. -- and we shared a large table with a couple from Canada, who were wending their way from Charleston to Florida. The guy had been in baseball -- had at one time worked for Steinbrenner -- and was well acquainted with Bob Humphreys.)

Miss Lucy Lee Barnett, 101, who had retired from VTAA in 1968, died. Ann and I are going to the funeral service at the Baptist Church tomorrow morning.

Saturday, Feb. 26 E-mailed Bungays this am to make sure they knew that Ham Mabie had died. Man from Gand H came to repair refrigerator; he finished and left ($107.65) before Ann and I got back from Miss Lucy's funeral; service at the Baptist Church. This pm we went to see part of the women's softball team's doubleheader with Radford.

Wednesday, Mar. 1 Went for my 6-mos checkup at Dr. Wilder's (stopped for p.t. at B-burg lab). Ann and I went to Sports Club; sat with Betty Manus and Jean Worner -- speaker was Bryan Stinespring, talking about Hokie recruting -- allowed as how they'd gone "0 for 4 on mothers" ... in answer to a question he said to some extent they aim for "versatility," meaning several players who can, and likely will, particpate at two or three different positions in the course of their careers.

He said, "Richard Johnson (wr/db is the best we got." From his own standpoint (he's offensive line coach) he is partial to Robert Ramsey, G/C, from Pittsburgh; Tonight we're going to Joel Williams first seminar of the year.

Friday, Mar. 10Variable early summer weather this week; played golf T-W-Th; weather due to become miserable tomorrow; I don't know why I chose to begin this now, but I have been watching conference basketball tournaments for about 10 hrs. ... guess I needed a change.

Sunday, Apr. 2Daylight time went into effect this morning. I can't believe it's been more than 3weeks since I've gotten around to the diary (Hawaii trip has to be a separate effort);went out to new Fitness Connection at the Corporate Research Center and got started with a renewed program; I intend to get back on track with some kind of workout two or three days a week. This time I'll incorporate more weight-lifting (light) than before;went to a memorial service for George Constantinides at the VT Chapel.

Tues., May 9Tom McNeer died at 2:15 p.m. last Tuesday, May 2. (He had collapsed and virtually died about 6 p.m. on Monday while mowing the lawn). He was cremated. A service was held at McCoy Funeral Home on Friday. I was one of the speakers (I said I couldn't do it, but when it came right down to it I could not stand up and contribute something to a service that meant so much to both Ann and myself.

Renovation of the kitchen was started about 8:15 a.m. on Monday, May 1. We are now at Tuesday, and the floor people are here.

Wednesday pm, Oct. 25, 2000Mary Miller Burtner, our back-door neighbor since October, 1958, died in mid-June after a bizzare accident in mid-May at her daughter;s home in Mt. Airy, MD.

In mid-July , for the second year, we had our family vacation in the Graves' beach house in Southern Shores, NC. Mary and Andy Surchek joined us for a couple of days.

In September Jerry Claiborne died. He was head football coach at Virginia Tech, 1961-70. I drove with Terry and Cindy Strock to the funeral service and burial in Hopkinsville, KY.

August. Bob Ruxton, retired navy captain and Ann's brother-in-law, died at age 75 in Melbourne, FL. (Eloise died in August, 1984 . Bob had moved to Aiken, SC, and lived there until moving to Melbourne just last May). Ann and I drove to Liberty, SC, for a service and burial in the Boggs family plot there.

In September Ann and I drove to Savannah for the 398th Bomb Group reunion, the first time I had attended, and it was essentially my first contact with the 8th Air Force in 56 years. The reunion would have been more meaningful for me if any of my crew had been there. There apparently are only four of us left: Merwyn Hornshuh, 80, pilot, Lake Oswego, OR., Earl (Andy) Anderson, 82, navigator, Baudette, MN.; and Wes Mudge, 77, radio operator, Hemet CA. Ann and I enjoyed the reunion, partly because we simply like Savannah, but also because we took a riverboat dinner cruise, had a semi-formal banquet which was well-conducted, and the last event that we attended, a special dedication of a monument to the 398th at the 8th AF museum. We left immediately after the dedication to travel to Asheville to visit Ann's sister-in-law, Marian M. Boggs, at her new digs in Asheville, NC.

Last week, Oct. 18-20, my friend Tom Toot from Struthers, OH, came to visit for a few days. We got in one round of golf, and on Friday we traveled down the valley to meet Lance at Rowe's restaurant in Staunton and to make a quick trip to the Green Valley Book Fair near Harrisonburg. Ann and I had breakfast with him at the Four Points motel before he left to go home on Saturday.

Tues., Mar. 13We attended a couple of funerals (Paul Gunsten and Tom Hurd), and I began reading one of my Xmas-present books, Stephen Ambrose's "Civilian Soldiers."Throughout the month and during the first three weeks of February maintained my 3-times a week workouts. The last week of February Ann and I wemt to Hilton Head and had an enjoyable time, although Stuart McNeer wasn't there (her mother died Feb. 14, and Stuart simply didn't return from Bluefield .…so we finished out her rent period and returned to B-burg on Thursday, Mar. 1); while there I read quite a bit of Ambrose's "The Victors," which I have since finished and subsequently have loaned to Dr. Wilder. Ann leaves tomorrow to go to Palm Beach with Ruth Hawthorne to visit Majorie Antrim.

Time passes

Wendy died in 2006.


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