Rural System's

The Vineyards

The power of the GIS allows optimum sites for grapevine growing to be selected. Many wine-producing groups have developed in Virginia and we will seek to supply them with analyses of lands, and later, quality raw materials. Site selection will include current growing season length, solar radiation, precipitation, temperatures, land use, soil origins, dept to bedrock, slope, aspects, elevations, landform, distance from roads, and proximity to potential labor.

By dispersing small vineyards under one management, economies may be gained that would otherwise require large and otherwise impossible investments for gaining enough suitable acreage.

We will assist in developing cooperative vineyards with computer-selected varieties on the best computer-selected sites to maximize profits from grape sales for select markets (organic and otherwise) such as for jams and jellies, desert grapes, and wines.

A computer-aided management system will be developed and used to assure maximum profits from the diverse vineyards on privately owned lands leased to the corporation. The grapes and various wastes will be delivered to local or other markets. Some will be offered locally (even at a financial loss) to make local connections and to acquaint tourists and others with the vineyard system and its superior products.

Tours will be conducted, in cooperation with the wineries, of the vineyards and associated technologies. Services of the Pest Force and from The Safety and Security Group will be essential.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005