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Trathlon Events

Ranging is a diverse concept and somewhat difficult to describe. Perhaps "starting small" is the best strategy for creating and building Rural System. Many people have advised that.

A triathlon event might be an excellent attraction to people who like different sports, people who participate, and people who support the participants. The triathletes are people who race against each other, their time, and their personal abilities in a three-part, sequential long-distance endurance race. It combines running, swimming, and biking.

Ideas (only at present) are that a meet might be sponsored annually and marketed well as a function of Rural System and ranging within select areas of the region. Natural resource dimensions are beautiful landscapes, clean water of the New River and challenging running and bike lanes, perhaps including come cross-country loops.

Triathlon events have a long history but they gained local popularity in only the 1970s.

Indicative of the potential interest is the observation that a related "century" event, a 100-mile bike ride was started in Grundy, Virginia. In the first year there were 25 participants, 2nd year, 75. The participants are only an index to lodging, food services, automotive sales, and event funding (publications, advertising, news, guides, observation points, and services for runners and event judges and regulators).

Calendars for Virginia events are available.

A Mountain Do Triathlon is held at Marion Virginia and out of Hungry Mother State Park.

Example of the biking dimension with sales, services, etc.

Further information is available via the Internet with multisports (the very nature of ranging)

Potentials include establishing a national training center (suggested by the nearby link), conducting other related races, including relays with a story about past or future carrying of critical messages as once done by confererate runners and the pony express.

Nutritional interests and exercise/fitness emphases may be built through the work of those now planning a system within Craig County, Virginia (dawna ).

Contact Giles at 540-552-8672 for discussions. Strong affiliations and opportunites with many different existing enterprises within the region are anticipated.

A company exists to setup and run the events.

Specialized events might be considered for special age classes, male/female differences, and cold-weather events.

There are potentials for training groups. See

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
May 31, 2007