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Here Charles Walker of White Oak, Tennessee (September, 2006) displays his hand-crafted items at a Clearfork Community gathering (from a photo in What on Earth, the newsletter of the Clearfork Community Institute, P.O. Box 81, Eagan, TN 37730). Correspondence with him and the Clearfork Community was begun in October to explore forming a relationship with the still-developing Rural System. Conversations with the people of the Clearfork Community Trust and Clearfork Institute have been ongoing for several years. The Toys Group fits within the early concept of The Pivotal Rig that has now evolved and improved and emerged as The Rural System. We now proposed to assist in creating a Toys Group of Rural System and to market individual items certified to be from The Clearfork Community and produced by or under the supervision of Mr. Charles Walker and local colleagues.

The objective of Rural System is to provide quality employment, stabilize the community, and improve natural resource management. To that end we invite participation by Mr. Walker and his colleagues. Rural System is a conglomerate in which all share in a proportion of the profits . The markets are developed world wide and the time horizon is very long - at least 150 years. The more money we make working together for now and the future, the more we share. The ideas are at but especially at the introductory "pages" of the planned e-catalog. The following ideas need to be discussed soon:

To enhance value, all items are to be signed and numbered (either in sequence of total items or in sequence by type, e.g., Native Americans of coal truck of size X, type A).

Items individually or by type will be sold and displayed through the e-catalog of Rural System. Most, especially unique items, will be sold by the Ebay Group. Other store and concession outlets will be sought based on the quantities that the Group can or wants to produce. Small numbers may allow high value to be retained.

As soon as possible, all woods used by the Walkers and their associates will be from Smartwood-Certified Forests. Until then, wood may come from any source. Value will be enhanced by such certification. Typically woods will be the sculptors' or craftman's choice but Rural System will encourage use of basswoods from certified forests and cedar from the Cedar Group. Bamboo products may become available later.

All paints must be non-lead and child-safe. See AlsoNational Center related to toxins.

These need to be certified as produced in Appalachia and their value will be enhanced by having a booklet describing the Clearfork Community, its past and dreams.

Discussions are needed as soon as possible about quantities that can be supplied, times of delivery, mass production or individual-item work, uses of wastes.

Youth and other labor must be carefully regulated.

Transportation of raw materials as well as final products needs to be studied.

Storage or warehouse potentials need to be clarified.

Information about existing and needed mechanical equipment (e.g., lathes, saws, drills) and capital investment is needed very soon.

Affiliation with The Sculptors needs to be studied and other opportunities discussed along with Topics. Topics might use the products of Egan Mountain and some wood products might be taken from there at favorable price as part of forest improvement activity and building this Group.

Other toys and handcrafted items will be studied to become part of the base of the forming enterprise.

Local people will be invited to describe old indoor and outdoor games and play items, develop TV clips of such play, develop books and magazine articles and play items (e.g., sticks and wooden hoops for urban youths). Single-person and group play specialties will be developed. World Ball may become of special interest. The NovoSports Group may be unified with this Group.

The advantages of affiliation with Rural System and becoming one of the first Groups to form will emerge from the services being developed within System Central or Q Worksfor meeting the needs of most small business startups (e.g., insurance, employee benefits, correspondence, billing, web-based sales, inventory, pricing, marketing, advertising).

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October 22, 2006