Rural System's


a game of strength, balance, and strategy

Two players stand on 2-foot sections of large logs (about 12 inch diameter) placed on end within a sawdust pit (as needed to reduce injury from falls). The logs are about 16 feet apart. A 50-foot rope is stretched equally between the logs. A player stands on the log and, on signal, tries to get as much of the rope as possible (or needed) to get the other player to step off of the log. The winner is the last standing on a log section.

The game requires some strength but depends greatly upon strategy.

Later consider prolonged pulls to see who can stay the longest. Another, pull from between each player's legs. Another, pull with both arms holding the rope overhead.

Counting the number of times a person can turn around on the log before getting dizzy and falling off can be timed for persosnal competition.
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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October 22,, 2006