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Auto-Conversion of Temperature

Step-function change occurs in weight or density at zero-degrees Celsius.
Temperature is an expression of condition and of heat loss. Its effects and functions in water, and animal and plant responses to it as it changes are profoundly different than elsewhere and they require non-linear (not-straight-line thought) by all who work afield.

Fahrenheit to Celsius


Celsius to Fahrenheit


Celsius to Kelvin


Celsius to Reaumur


Kelvin = C + 273 degrees

Réaumur = 0.8 Celsius (Réaumur is a scale rarely used.)

Celsius = Kelvin - 273
Celsius = 1.25 Réaumur

Fahrenheit = 0.1 * ((20 * C)-(2 * C)) + 32 (where C = Celsius)

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