Rural System's

The Software Group

The initial design and description of the Software Group of Rural System and its overlapping roles within System Central are available . It changes in concept and function frequently.

The product or service that you are now using, web site hosting, is provided by
Lyle Evans,
Network and Systems Manager of Interpla, Inc. and
Blacksburg. net
at 100 North Main Street, suite 208
in the small rural town of Blacksburg, Virginia 24063-0480
540 961-4445 pager 557-0324

Contact him for your needs. Beside personal talent, Lyle has connections with many resources of the university.

We've begun discussing ways that we might work together for the good of Rural System and the region.

We created one of the first e-books in natural resource management. That book, called Peculiar Manor, Essays from an Appalachian Mountain Cabin
by Bob Giles is available from Shepherd Media Engineering To order a copy, send a check for $19.95 to
Shepherd Media Engineering
111 Pheasant Lane
Summerville, South Carolina 20485

For this initial offer, the price includes postage and handling fees. South Carolina residents should include 3% Sales Tax.

The CD is compatible with standard E-book Readers. It is not compatible with the non-standard Microsoft Reader. We hope you will purchase several for local schools and consider it for gifts.

We also hope that you will contact Col. Shepard who is very creative and offers to you diverse new opportunities in ...

  • Graphic Design
  • eBook Publishing
  • Dynamic Content Web Sites
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Brochures and Textbooks

He has been very supportive of Rural System concepts and those of improved natural resource management so we've begun discussing ways that we might continue work together for the good of Rural System and the region.

A. Blair Jones of the Conservation Management Institute of Virginia Tech and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has been a constant suporter of Rural System and recently contributed the page counter.

Based on demand, we offer in select places a day-long seminar for busy rural residents who need a better understanding of computer use, especially access to all of the resources of Rural System, and who wish to develop their own web presence. Just call or email us of your interests and let us send our locations and times for these great seminars that give you access to a new world of electronic education and well as business and recreational opportunities.

Last revision: November 16, 2004