Rural System's

Smart Villages Initiative
A proposal for developing a system of profitable healthful villages

Following the leadership displayed in the Smart Villages website and the information in the Hansdehar site (India) this proposal is drafted. It is based on the intentions of Smart Villages suggested at that site. (2009 - the site seemed inactiveactive.)

"...The villagers of Hansdehar have taken this initiative to bridge the gap between the Government and the Citizens through this web interface for all the stakeholders involved in the development and upliftment of the village. This initiative is not a government initiative and is purely an effort of the village community to create itself an 'Empowered Knowledge Village'... "

... so this Initiative is proposed.

The Source of the Initiative

Having worked with international students from the Smithsonian, several graduate students from India, and having visited India twice, I admit to little more than a love of the land and people of India. I continue to learn about it. I shall be pleased if I can participate in helping to solve some problems there, for most are identical to those here. India's population of 800 million though with a slowing rate, may double within 10 years, and the environmental support and other needs there are now great. Solutions, from whatever source, are needed. I correspond with Dr. Y.V. Jhala of the Wildlife Institute of India (a former student) and with a friend, Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Professor, Environmental Planning, and Director, Centre for Environment and Development, YASHADA, Govt of Maharashtra,Deputy Director General (Planning), and Secretary, Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration, Baner Road, Pune 411007 India. (Email: I also correspond with Mr. Bhaskar Sen of Calcutta (contact: +919433282496) (email: I also correspond with staff of the HiliyaResort, seeking new connections and means for cooperative mutually beneficial efforts. More about me may be found.

The Basic Concept and Objective

I have taught computer applications to natural resource problems for over 40 years. Major developments in software and hardware have occurred over that period and, even though many mistakes and failures have occurred, there now exists a vast knowledge base for immediate action as well as future work. It is time to harvest from that base... as well as to plant for the future. I have spent a life trying to get improved natural resource management and an improved environment. I see little evidence for the success of that work (as well as that of others). There has been much work and some clear successes but millions of people suffer, the land erodes, wildlife is endangered, the air and water are fouled, and the future is insecure. The motives of the past have been for altruism, esthetics, social responsibility and other esoteric reasons. Now I am convinced that only clear, significant monetary rewards can motivate most people to achieve a sophisticated system of comprehensive natural resource management for rural people and their villages. (We can relate well to urban and other systems later, and that is planned.) To demonstrate the goodness of that concept, I seek to develop a for-profit enterprise that manages the land for lasting profits ... thus for a suitable environment for people.

The Essence of the Initiative

Rural System is a designed system for private landowners that produces bounded profits. It uses old knowledge in new ways. It is proposed that members of Smart Villages unite with us in Rural System in a working partnership for the three objectives : humane employment for people, stability of their villages, and improved natural resource management.

The Internet is new and its power is virtually untapped. Of course it is good for sending messages. It can be used to send and/or to receive data, information, analyses...and perhaps wisdom. That internet requires hardware, people, software, a knowledge base, and programs that receive, store, retrieve, analyze data, store processed information or knowledge, present messages and images of many types, simulate ecological and social system, and help make optimum decisions.

This Initiative is proposed for the people of Hansdehar who may decide to affiliate with Rural System. Rural System is only in design and early development. We have worked toward its full development. If it does not develop, the ideas and information resources at are available for use within Smart Villages. The synergistic relations with Smart Villages will increase the probability of positive advances by Rural System and Smart Villages ... together.

The Elevator Speech
Rural System unifies about 70 small rural- and natural-resource-related businesses. It manages land and water, and provides services, products, and other benefits. It offers new employment and a community tax base. It's a system using computers and the Internet in the business end of the work, but with their big payoffs being in planning, decision-making, and in gaining efficiencies from using our computer maps and satellite data. It provides comprehensive services for using and developing land for sustained annual profits for the long run. I'm planning it for a worldwide franchise to meet growing environmental and human needs. It is probably relevant to the 640,000 villages of India.

The First-Perceived Possibilities (points for discussion, revision, and future development)

The following are proposed to be purchased by individuals or families with financial incentives demonstrating a "payoff" from the purchase.

  1. A e-catalog offering links to major knowledge bases, and low cost access to information on structures, services, products, and ideas.
  2. Consolation and sympathy during periods of extreme stress (e.g., EarthQuilt)
  3. Dynamic planning system for private lands and areas around villages... The Trevey
  4. Intensive use of GIS (about 50 factors for each 10m x 10m plot of land (the Alpha unit)
  5. Distance learning - units of an essential practical nature for people in all villages
  6. A Land Force - teams of workers with selected equipment achieving new economies of scale
    The major problem...
    Operating at a too-small scale
  7. A System Central or Q Works - providing (and not duplicating) the essential legal, accounting, marketing services for the private land owner
  8. Providing individuals opportunities to work at home without the costs of travel and required business structures
  9. Providing information for improved pasture and rangeland management
  10. Providing information for improved forestry and gardening.
  11. Providing information for profitable tourism
  12. Developing local novelties for export and Ebay sales.
  13. Developing (where locally suitable) one or more of the enterprises suggested or others produced by discussions
  14. Developing regional tourism groups with GPSence as a factor
  15. ...and many others

I am willing to seek grants with your help, invest modest funds, invest much time, share my past work and to continue discussions.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above . I hope that we can work together for the good of the villages and villagers of India ... then other parts of the world.


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
August 21, 2006