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The Services of Rural System

While products are well known and easy to list, the services of Rural System have often been provided by state and federal agencies. Many of these services have been delayed, insufficient, and inadequate. Some have lead to high productivity in falling markets and thus financial ruin. Many services formerly performed have been removed in changing administrations, regulations, laws, and policies. Governmental startup has matured into private activity in the best forms of American entrepreneurship and capitalism.

Rural System exists to operate, to perform services, especially those that benefit from research results and that can utilize the power of the computer, the Internet, and other high technology. We can demonstrate the advantages of simulation and optimization, moving us all to the positive side of the economic "margin."

We know about ecological services (see source at bottom (2014)and how to protect them, restore those lost, and safely exploit them.

The services we offer (in the groupings now used, and with links to descriptions) are as follows (we suggest using "Find" under the Edit tab at the edge of the screen to search for key words):

    System Central

  1. Conducting literature Searches add links throughout)
  2. Managing and supplying systems of Bed and Breakfast Inns
  3. Supplying land analyses for realtors s
  4. Providing storage in warehouses
  5. Providing adult writing instruction
  6. Memorializing retiring and remembered people
  7. Conducting educational and ecotourism tours
  8. Helping in diverse ways groups on difficulty
  9. Providing safety instruction, inspections, and security systems
  10. Providing GIS images and analyses
  11. Providing means for assured energy conservation and local development projects
    Forestry Topics
  12. Doing forest inventory and dynamic plans
  13. Preventing, protecting, and supressing wildfires
  14. Making prescribed burns for several purposes
  15. Planting and harvesting walnut products
  16. Managing urban trees
  17. Building and maintaining superior hikling and bike trails
  18. Describing and educating people about wilderness characteristics and functions
  19. Conducting area noise analyses
  20. Conducting landscape analyses and analyzing scenic beauty
  21. Conducting management services for large outdoor and ecotourism groups
  22. Conducting nature-oriented tours
  23. Analyzing small lakes and ponds
  24. Analyzing game populations, conducting studies, and managing such populations
  25. Implementing Avi Courses
    Agriculture Topics
  26. Developing livestock and crop systems among farmlands
  27. Developing protected productive garden systems
    Sports and Recreation
  28. Managing the Wildland Crew and its lasting benefits over time
  29. Sponsoring several a new organizations
  30. Creating new sports
    Products and Services
  31. Creating and managing the Geezers
  32. Recording and providing music
  33. Collecting and making available poetry of the people
  34. Conducting laboratory analyses and related services
  35. Operating a data collection and presentation unit, the Wired Ecosystem
  36. Developing and selling new products
  37. Conducting analyses of individual competence of natural resource workers.

If you cannot find the service(s) needed, please be sure to email us (tap the image). We are growing and we have many contacts and colleagues who might meet your needs.

Notes on Service Units

In addition to producing things, land also provides services such as retaining water, decomposing waste, and cooling air. It provides options for the future which may be services but also provides the production itself, the action of producing the "product units." We call the variety of services, functions, or processes (all verbs) service units. They are rate- and area-related but always have a nominal product unit as their fundamental measure. We know a "condition" at a specific time by its product units) resulting from service units.

A built structure (e.g., a bridge, a warehouse) may provide services.

Harvey(1979:450) recognizing 10 services, said, minizing concepts, "these are extremely broad categories because they include all the values that people have placed upon the land."

See ecological services article 2014 at

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