Rural System's

Run Along

Run Along is a program to promote and encourage youth entry into natural resource-based and rural outdoor recreation activities, broadly Ranging. Like the Washington State Go Play Outside (2003) the program develops safe options, incentives and guided programs. It is health and physical fitness related, gender neutral, and links youth to the public and private lands where outdoor recreation and Ranging opportunities exist.

The title has the double meaning of the disgust that children feel when told to "run along" but also the encouragement for parents and others to "run along" with each other in a variety of activities within the rural landscape and its diverse potentials.

It is strongly related to Wildland Walkers, Stoneworms, Baton, the Camps Group, Rural River Runners, and Nature Folks.

Recreational and competitive running, jogging, and walking are emphasized.

Staff will contact PE Central®,P.O. Box 10262, Blacksburg, VA 24062,E-mail:,Phone: 540-953-1043 Fax: 540-301-0112 for possible collaboration.

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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005