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Information and Diagnoses

Right Rural is an organization for everyone in the region and especially everyone interested in the activities, operation, and successes of Rural System.

A special unified human health, fitness, and accident prevention group is planned.


Charter membership of 10,000 people is anticipated. It costs about $25 per person per year. Membership supports the development and growth in effectiveness of Rural System but it also provides members many benefits including:

  1. A newsletter and access to the Right Rural web-site
  2. Notices of several occasional meetings each year
  3. Outdoor clothing discounts
  4. Outdoor equipment discounts
  5. Outdoor and nature book lists with discounts
  6. Discounts on memberships in The Foresters and The Wildland Walkers
  7. Discounts on Avi course entrance fees
  8. Discounts on several announced tours a year
  9. Discounted registration at an annual meeting
  10. Discounts for RuraLives entries
  11. Priority access to land management consulting and management service
  12. An annual rebate or award based on total profits of Rural System

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Membership within Rural System provides you with...

  1. A positive basis for tax deductions that also benefit the region
  2. Access to personal land valuation report
  3. A unique regional marker - Rural Reds
  4. Access to prime rate group insurance
  5. Access to a regional credit card program
  6. Membership pin and belt buckle
  7. Information about tours for members
  8. Access to a caretaker for your land if you "live away"
  9. Information about government programs and services available for your land holding
  10. A regular quarterly newsletter about the region and the role of Rural System within it
  11. A computer map of your county
  12. Testimony on forest and agricultural issues before your county, town, city and state government
  13. Reasonable first-cut protection effort from impacts of development
  14. Access to responsible land buyer or tenants
  15. Access to regional Land Trust staff
  16. Substantial savings in
  17. Notices of special events and opportunities
  18. Employment opportunity notices
  19. Money and energy-saving hints
  20. Resource improving hints
  21. Sign for display at property entrance

The "rebates" provide widespread personal incentives for the county and Rural System to "do well."

To be studied: By using the income from purchases from their adds are totaled and a large percentage of the returns to the bloggers are distributed to members of that social group (herein proposed to be members of RS.

Perhaps you will share ideas with Rural System staff about some of the topics above.

Revisions: December, 2009