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"Goods and services" is a basic phrase of economists. The goods are many and varied and some people add work and the ability to do work, even opportunities as the "goods" resulting from economic activity. Some of the enterprises of Rural System have beautiful products, interesting things to sell, things that add profits and reduce the costs of achieving its objectives. There may be little difference between goods, products, or even services, but herein we're discussing and giving the preliminary list of the physical things, most of which are for sale. Though many products from the System are not trees, animal, soil, water, or fish, the sales of all of the products contribute to reducing the costs of achieving the central profit-making objective of the Rural System concept, thus a progressive, learning, improving system can be developed.

Product Units

Basic premises: Land "produces" things. These may be negative (e.g., chemically-bound substances that cannot be used), neutral, or positive, They may be viewed as "goods," as "income," or as "benefits," but these words overload the decision process with multiple past definitions and yet-debated, even un-identified nominal units concepts. We call these things that are produced product units. They may provide service, aid in work, provide pleasure (art), provide or enhance memories, enable and augment membership, and stimulate ideas.

Those staff working with products seek reasonable returns but emphasize very satisfied customers and low prices. The intent is to have people return or to encourage others to return to the cybercatalog and to the other offerings of the General Store . If they do not, then some of the objectives of Rural System cannot be achieved. Products and crafts can enhance the overall Rural System experiences and allow many benefits to be recalled and appreciated for many years. The good souvenir .. practical, useful, beautiful things .. not roadside junk ... can add significantly to the experiences of local people as well as visitors to rural the lands and waters.

This holiday season, go to the County General Store for most of your gift-shopping needs. We especially suggest reproductions of antique photographs, books of poems, contemporary photographs, sepia images of the topography of your county, computer maps, watercolors by local artists, greeting cards, and jewelry from India and Senegal. Send our black-eyed peas to all of your friends for eating on New Year's Day with daily good wishes every day of the year. By 2008 we will have pinenuts from our Pinetum for sale. We'll have items from the members of EarthQuilt. Part of all profits go to Rural System grounded regional environmental improvements.
What do you have to sell?
The Preliminary Products List

  1. Sourdough "starts" of several flavors.
  2. Computer optimized bird food mixes are packaged and delivered.
  3. Song bird literature and other song bird items such as boxes, feeders, installation, birdbaths, water heaters.
  4. Rural Rounds is a special hard cookie for hikers, anglers, and everyone (especially school lunches).
  5. A specialty wooden gift box for such cookies.
  6. Unique beads made from local stream stones
  7. Air quality monitoring devices for forests.
  8. Coal fossil paper weight
  9. A unique walking stick with over 30 uses by people in the wildlands.
  10. A substance useful in monitoring rates of decomposition in forests is to be sold. It has use for ecology classes and a variety of other monitoring uses.
  11. A Soil Texture Solution for making rapid analyses in the field of soil texture components (sand, silt and clay).
  12. Topics, mobile garden decorations
  13. Flags that are likely to be prominent region-wide
  14. Ceramic casts of local spear points used by residents over 9,000 years ago
  15. A square piece of material for attaching to a person's back (The Big Bandana) is sold for assisting in game habitat surveys. (Other diverse Rural System bandanas are also available.)
  16. A colorful autumn leaf-pickup cloth
  17. Rural Reds - distinctive marks on pants
  18. Bass Box, a hand-painted US Post Office mail box with post from the Rural System Tracts
  19. Specialized spinning lures for fishing and sets of lures for tournaments
  20. The Seckey a device for evaluating some conditions of fishing waters see Secchi disk
  21. Specialized outrigger fences for gardens and other areas
  22. Rural Ruffs - boot and ankle protection devices
  23. Drums, drumming log devices for male ruffed grouse.
  24. Solar collector for energy to run a small pump to produce fountains in ponds (partially to prevent an ice layer forming, provide local aeration, and add an esthetic unit with novel secondary effects)
  25. Solar collector to heat a winter bird bath.
  26. Rain water collection system for drinking water and emergency uses (containers, filters, stand, spigot, etc.) and maintenance.
  27. GPSlips, packets of bright yellow tags used to mark places where grouse (and other animals) are observed. Later the tags are recovered by field workers and the GPS location recorded for GIS and habitat analyses.
  28. Course material (CD-ROM) for students of "Modern Wildlife Resource Management Systems."
  29. Dis 'n Dat - educational game cards
  30. Temperature maps (e.g., local plant hardiness)
  31. Garden compost (with organic certification)
  32. E-chapbook for poems
  33. Colorful Tee shirts that speak to the total concept of conservation, long-term use, and rational use of resources and appreciation for the wildlands.
  34. Personalized wooden signs for your place that help "name" the rural region.
  35. Topple - 2 logs and a rope for playing the Topple game.
  36. Black-eyed Peas - in several forms and as addition to canned foods - a specialty crop

Work with us. Let us work with you. Advertise your products in this e-catalog. We are eager to form strong working relations that help stabilize the economy of the rural community and thus the quality of life there.

September 18, 2004, July 12, 2007