Rural System's

Land Partnerships
a Rural Ststem Tract alternative

under development

For various reasons such as scale, age of owners, family history or other reasons the Rural System Tract and its many options may not be suitable for some land owners.

The Land Partnership may be an suitable alternative and may become one program offered by Rural System Staff.
based on
Williams, E.M. and P.V. Ellefson. 1997. Going into partnership to manage landscape. Journal of Forestry : 29-33.

Forming a legal partnership is a way to get a cooperative approach to manage rural lands and to get something called " the integrity of the larger ecosystem". Partners may be other landowners, private or public, not-for-profits, tribes, etc. Some are formed because "It is better to be at the table and exact some influence than remain outside and risk complete loss." Fear hardly seems sufficient reason for forming. Other reasons include :

A partnership might meet every several months.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005