Rural System's

Opportunities Provided

Opportunities flow in both directions, those from Rural System to people in the rural areas and from them to Rural System.

We seek opportunities to affiliate with existing organizations and enterprises in rural areas. We think we can be helpful to you.

We provide opportunities for employment, for advertising and promoting your products, concepts, and services.

We're open for ideas that we might develop together.

We have opportunities for leadership in most of the 70+ enterprises. Some of these are only in design and early leadership roles are available.

We have many opportunities for volunteer work, for student science and related projects, and for scouting and outdoor activity projects.

Rural System remains in the planning phase. As soon as possible, a list of openings will be presented here.

We honor volunteers of all types. If there was ever a situation in which a person could "get in on the ground floor", this is it. I am willing and anxious to discuss opportunities with anyone wiling to invest in the System. By "invest" is meant money as loans, line of credit, grants (e.g., to the University resulting in useable products and software), stock purchase, etc. but also:

  • Land
  • Buildings or office space
  • Time
  • Computers
  • Computer Programs
  • Custom computer programming or designed systems
  • Vehicles

Ideas are welcomed and efforts will be made to provide some compensation later for these.

Much volunteer effort or donations of time can be used to reduce net taxes.

A strange view of opportunities may be merely the products, services, etc. that we make available for your uses to enhance the quality of life in the rural region.

Be sure to correspond with us if you have opportunities for us. Questions are welcome, because we may have a special just-created opportunity for you.

September 24, 2004