Rural System's

NatureSeen Membership

After observers have made over five entries of Sights they are invited to join "the club." It's just a bunch of people with the same interests in nature and nature observation but particularly preserving those observations for their potential uses ... and for some people "just because." There are no meeting, dues, conferences, or journals, and nothing to add to the structure and stresses of daily life ... nothing to keep you away from making more observations of nature.

Being in the club as if bragging, "I'm in NatureSeen" gives you a discount on the observation entrance fees, a subscription to an electronic newsletter, and discounts of related books, materials and equipment. It connects you with and encourages you to become involved in other elements of Rural System such as Tree Tops, The Tours Group, Nature Folks, and GPSence.

Of course we welcome donors and supporters and are glad to share with them these same benefits of membership.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
August 12, 2005