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Conserving Observation of Nature

NatureSeen is an enterprise within Rural System that began in 2005. It was created for encouraging superior observations of Nature, greater benefits from them, and more lasting personal memories. It exists to preserve valid, sure observations ... now lost because of variable publishing policies and limited outlets for reporting observations.

Too many rare or unique observations of nature have been lost, ignored, discarded, or given no place in "modern scientific" publications. Hours afield spent making observations usually result in few new ones, and they have to be seen as expensive, sometimes dangerous, and often the result of a special convergence of factors. We think that unreplicated field observations and those of sample-size "one" should be reported, not filed away into the dark otherness.

The loss in studies of nature has been great over the past 50 years. Museums and libraries have been closed. Experts have retired. Creating this site, we hope, will mark the end of that loss and start a new trend in sharing all types of solid field observations of wild animals and plants and the places and conditions where they live. Enough is enough! Work with us. Share. Enjoy! We all may benefit in yet unimagined ways.

We especially desire observations in the Clearfork region of Tennessee and throughout the Eastern US coalfield. We may set up regional units after further development. There is now also great interest in nature observations in southside of Virginia and North Carolina.

This is a special place for people, especially you, to put your true, carefully-made observations of nature. Even if you are not adding observations, NatureSeen can still be your wonderful place to read about what others have seen or otherwise observed within the rural outdoors.

NatureSeen is your place to:

We hope that if you report or otherwise use an observation, you will credit the observer and NatureSeen.

Visitors to NatureSeen are welcome to read it all (soon too much), or to use key words (plant or animal names, major locations, action (e.g., predation)) to make a search and then read or print the results for later use. These reports are not organized in any way but listed in the sequence received. Be sure to see the disclaimer.

In NatureSeen there are few rules and suggestions. Truthfulness is assumed and asserted by observers. There is a small cost ($2 dollars) to making each entry. Encouragement and appreciation will usually be be included herein. We welcome donations and support and we shall gladly acknowledge and honor recognitions, awards, and memorials to those who have loved the natural components of the the rural environment. (For example, the first such memorial was to Dr. B.S. McGinnes.)

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

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Robert H. Giles, Jr.
August 12, 2005