Draft: A Prospect

Building the Base of Sustained Rural Systems

The News

Mosaic moves to respond to growing world problems within rural areas. Addressing employment and community stability as well as improved natural resource management, a mini-conglomerate is being created within its present successful corporate structure. New corporate profit is created from a unique diversified core of small enterprises working together as a single total system.

Based on the life-long work of professor emeritus Bob Giles of Virginia Tech, a "business ecosystem" is being created. Net gains arise from superiorly, sensitively managed private lands under contract but also from 20 other related small businesses, Many "small businesses" fail, but the reasons are address and overcome in Rural System. The combined actions ... diversifying products and services, improving land productivity and value, implementing value-added ploys, using computer-aided decision making, using a massive detailed computer data base for land and water, integrating new GPS technology, using fundamental ecology and economics ... and the long-term view and management skills present now in Mosaic.

With demonstration areas in Virginia,Tennessee, and Florida, the Rural System expands worldwide. While land is key, long-term bounded profits are the objective, and these depend on balanced diversified income, reduced diversified costs, losses, and risks, stabilizing employment and rural communities, and preparing for well-predicted futures.

The enterprises of the corporation rebuild land to high productivity, preserve select units, practice certified forestry, build modern pasture systems and an inland fishery, operate new faunal systems, provide year-around work for local people, and expand a quality of life score.

As in people, there is no one most-important or essential organ. They all work together. In rural areas, similarly, there is no one essential substance or function. They all work together. Clearly, soil is important, and Rural System with its growing knowledge base of land and water of Mosaic land and other private lands can provide unique use of new phosphate products ... the right amounts, in the right places, on the right crops, at the right time, with the lowest risk ... to increase expected profits (not just yields). "Sustained profits" are the by-words ... but with "for the long term" being a fundamental assumption.

Rural System protects and improves the land base of absentee owners now living and working in cities. Sharing in land restoration and increased or stable productivity is pure enlighten self-interest for Mosaic... and a new conservation paradigm. Rural System exploits millions of dollars already invested in research results for its early development. It restores and operates on Mosaic's extensive lands and waters (over 2000 acres) but expands globally to address pressing rural social problems, build brand recognition and support from a clientele intimately connected to the soil, its proper use and protection, and to its lasting bioproductivity for which phosphorus and potassium are essential.

The Parts

Rural System has five parts - 1. Q Works, the central administrative and service unit; 2. The Groups, independent enterprises; 3. Rural System or Mosaic Tracts, private lands under contract for care and management and controled use by the Groups; 4. The Land Force, an efficient field force implementing dynamic computer-produced plans; and 5. The Foundation, providing education and studies to enhance the quality of life and environment within which Rural System operates. There are over 60 planned Groups. These are loosely grouped as: Forestry, Wildlife/Nature, Agriculture Topics, Sports and Recreation, and Products and Communication.

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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October 16, 2006