Rural System's

Developing and Holding Memories

Rural System has a few enterprises devoted to helping people developing, enhancing, and holding their memories. We know how important are photographs and souvenirs are. We are perplexed by the time we spend talking about preserving wildlife and historic buildings and how little time we spend on preserving our own memories, our family history and geneology, and even our care of photographs gained at such great cost. We need to structure events so that they produce good memories, preserve those in various forms (e.g., against fire or storm loss) and encourage rethinking, telling, and sharing them.

We hope we can become the center of tasteful preservation of the history of the rural area, its people, culture, and successes. While this is fun for many and some memories are very personal and precious, we have in the background the idea that the joke

we learn from history
that we do not learn from history
does not have to be true, or a joke. We can learn; we must learn. We must not repeat the evident mistakes of the past. We are learning people. Many things are new and modern and seem very different from the past, but there is a set of common mistakes, failures, omissions,… and reasons why past businesses, communities, nations, confederacies failed. We need to know. We need to apply new techniques "to know" and preserve that hard-won knowledge in retrievable ways. Staff of Rural System enterprises intend to participate in that discovery and development of a practical, sound, applied history, probably formulated in computer simulations.

Here are our Holding and Helping aids:

If it is true that in making an economic decision, something of value must be sacrificed in order to gain the object of choice, and if benefits are things of value, then memories may be a special type of benefit. They may have what economists call existence value. People buy recreational experiences and events. As a result, and following that, they have memories. Pictures, notes, souveniers and stories (all bought at some price) help maintain or retain those memories. They are ever present, thus existing, and cal be called up when needed, like appreciative knowledge of the existence of a federal wilderness.

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