Rural System's

Rural System's Land Management Complex

Land is a code word for all lakes, ponds, streams, soil, crop fields, gardens, mined areas, pastures, rangelands, brushy areas, fencerows, and forested areas. It includes the roads, houses, barns, cabins, and related buildings. Whether it is "wild" or not may be only a temporary Designation and that is often a personal perception. Land is a volume, not just an area, and throughout Rural System it is usually many 10 x 10-meter squares, from 1 mile below sea level to 1 mile above the Earth's surface. It is "land" as in "landscape."

In this section we have a real problem. First we have to clear up what we mean by land. That's in the box at the left. We deal with forestry, pastures and range, some livestock (all of that sometime called "agro-silvo-pastoral land management") and the fishery ... all together, as they might be practiced on a farm of farm cooperative. Each is large and, itself can be viewed as a system. Rural System is a system of subsystems with a common objective, that is sustained, bounded longterm profit.

Management - The action or activities of analyzing, preparing, organizing, and directing environmental and human systems and their relations to achieve pre-specified human objectives; controlling systems toward predetermined end states.
Then we'll assume that management means what's in the box at the right.

Then we have to clarify what is a Rural System Tract. That is done on a separate page. See for example, the sample Owners Invitation.

Then we have to discuss the managerial team and how it works with computer aids.

The Managerial Team

The managerial complex - who does what, where, when, where and by whom - has been difficult to describe and it is difficult to understand, particularly because it is new group work on private land where usually only a few people work. The complex overcomes many of the disadvantages and poor profits resulting for too-small tract size and operation. It emphasizes gains from diversity, from team work and from high technology ... and a new spirit that is being brought to rural lands by Rural System.

September 14, 2004