Rural System's

Ideas and Prognostics

The fifth level of the Country General Store cybercatalog hyperspace is that for ideas and prognostics. under development

No one can know the future but we do know about sequences, about rules of nature, that water flows down, that there are many highly probable cause and effect relations.
We need to protect that knowledge and progressively move toward a new way of science (Wolfram) or of gaining and holding knowledge, of building a functional, useful knowledge base. Herein we attempt to record ideas. We may find a place for full scale study proposals that have been rejected for political,timing or legalistic reasons that are still worthy of consideration or revision. These texts take enormous amounts of tax payer time and over half are rejected and are virtually wasted, the best ideas and most productive thought of the scientific community that is never "harvested." We believe that this may be a place for thoughtful articles on the likely future and a place for seminar transcripts and alternative media about the rural world as it is affected by outside forces. Often these are summaries of computer simulations.

Ideas are fleeting. We seek to preserve some of the best. They may be recognized as our most highly prized or valued human resource.

Sound predictions
reduce decision risks
We hold that feedforward is not prognostication. It uses scenarios,expectations about the future, and related concepts to revise current decisions, tending to make things better over the longrun as the prognostication emerges.


September 26, 2004