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This web site provides one means for us to communicate. I hope you will contribute your observations, ideas, leads to information about Pound, the County, and discoveries. There are leads to ideas contained here. I'll try to use and pass along your contributions. You may also gain information about and services for improving the way that rural lands and wildlands and their resources can be well managed over the longrun for the people of a region or state.

The site is for you, Rural System improvement, and what it can do for you and the people of your area. It is free to use.

You are invited to read and study the materials within this web site and then to make informed suggestions and give advice toward the success of it or any part of it. Maybe you care to volunteer for some of the difficult work ahead.

Links to practical alternatives are invited (as are pointers to fatal flaws and warnings). Your name and date will be presented unless you indicate that you wish your idea to remain anonymous. No anonymous communications are presented. Selections of items to be included are made by Bob Giles and, while he maintains a file, his judgement on what to include and exclude and a little editing is final. If you are commenting on ideas or suggestions made, please refer to the number. (Later, this Ideas Place will be tended by someone else.)

checkout the ideas received so far.

Call me anytime in Virginia at 1-540-552-8672. (This is not a toll-free number.) You may write to me at 504 Rose Avenue, Blacksburg, Virginia 24060 USA or use e-mail (see Contact button on page 1)

Ideas and Comments Received as of July, 2005

1. We're perfectly located for a working laboratory for planning and natural resource management for several community colleges. Anon.

2. We can become a demonstration area for progressive, profit-motivated modern watershed management. Anon.

3. The project will never succeed. Greed will eventually kill it. Anon.

4. You have to start small like I did and build up. You'll never find the right kind of talented people needed to run this thing. Anon.

5. People are protective of their land. They'll not sign up as Rural System Tracts. Anon.

6. You have to list the company leadership very soon.Dr. J. Politis

7. There may need to be a lot of operations outside of the County. Maybe an "Outpost" at the Explore Park (Roanoke) could be a visible place for our work, a good low- or no-cost office, and a marketing strategy. The work here can and should spread westward, and might include other sites and people with equal needs such as Nelson County, Salem, Giles County, all the way to the Woodland Community Land Trust in Clairfield, Tennessee. Anon.

8. Your ideas for Ecorods seems to have potential, especially for use in schools. Business Management Class, Va Tech, May, 2003

9. Your proposal is somewhat like an export marketing center or a business management group.Chad Miller

10. Consider ARC and various projects such as a revolving loan program or entrepreneurial work of ARC Anon.

11. The RRx report is a new form of media, a new channel. Anne Clelland 2009.

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Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005