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Homys (once our URL: is a company of people working with Rural System throughout the world. They work at home. Rural System arranges and manages a homesourcing system. It is transnational. Working from home is the only distinguishing characteristic of these people other than that they have expertise, have declared interest in and concern for natural resources of the world, and have pledged diligent and honest work. They engage in all types of work and all is meaningful for it fits within a system dedicated to human benefits from rural resources. Many are very well educated and either prefer the advantages and economies of working at home or find staying at home is essential because of family, health, or other reasons. Maybe there have been layoffs or closures and temporary employment is needed. After the Katrina storm event, similar emergencies suggested other needs for membership. Census Bureau statistics suggest that the number of American working from home grew by 800,000 from 1990 to 2000 ( a 23% increase. Of course we are eager to work with Defense Department staff and security forces now affected by their services to the country. High travel costs and risks increasingly promote membership and Homys work.

See, for example, 10 possibilities

Operating somewhat like a dating service, Rural System solicits members, i.e. , willing workers, finds their strengths and interests, and offers them piece or hourly-wage work. Members become part of a diverse, dispersed, eclectic entity. They gain funds for their work, experience a new kind of community feeling, and gain from offerings of Rural System - medical advisories, emergency links, health information, exercise routines, occasional conferences, news of Rural System, and catalog offering discounts. Members may attend occasional meetings or engage in distance-learning to gain knowledge of Rural System and positive interactions.

A proposed , draft newspaper advertisement for soliciting members (partially to describe the system):

Brand New

Rural System's

We have a great awareness of the presence of and respect for adults at home. We know that there are wonderful abilities and interests there, often unfulfilled. We're creating a dispersed company and if you have two or more hours to work with us a day, even a few days a week, we want you in our company, Homys. We know that there are plenty of reasons why you are at home. We'll not concentrate on that, only on your abilities and interests, our corporate needs for quality work, continuing profitability, and support for improving conditions in rural areas of the world. We need your willingness to work and make honest money. We're not guaranteeing employment. We're seeking workers for special tasks, types of work, or assignments. Our work is almost unlimited - from computer work to gardening. We're creating opportunities and memberships, saving energy, improving the quality of life for hundreds. We're getting started and we'll offer more later but for now we want you to join us in a global adventure - a venture. We'll probably hire you for what amounts to what is called in some circles "piece work." or jobs. We deliver materials and assignments --you deliver high-quality results, and we pay well. The scale increases as the amount increases -- the better, the more...the more, the better the pay.

We're into pure capitalism, worldwide -- with a rural priority. We're part of Rural System ( We're helping sustain diverse rural resources.We'll succeed and prosper together.

Think with us; work with us; tell us what you can do. Perhaps two or three of you will form a team and make a single response. What are your work interests? We try to be creative and open to that creativity of others. Answer our computer form (and add notes or a letter if you desire to do so) in complete confidence. No cost.

This one ad might be the key to your future and to vitalized rural areas of Virginia Tennessee, and, yes, also the world. Save the ad for framing, but before that, answer our questionnaire at     Check out the parent company at

Draft Questionnaire

We know that there is not enough information here for you to make a precise answer, but the big question is: Are you interested in and feel confident that you can probably do good work within some topic listed below and would like to find out more and perhaps be offered a task or work assignment in this area? Rural System wants and needs volunteers, but in this questionnaire we are seeking people interested in part-time, home-located-only employment. There is payment to be arranged, based on the type and amount of work to be performed.

Enter a number from 0 to 10 expressing your level of interest beside each topic. Enter 0 or skip it if not interested at all. Enter 10 if you are really interested and you are likely to have high expertise.

Would you like more information? About what number? (For example, if you enter here 5, we shall send information about all items in the list that you assigned 6 or greater.)

Please enter at the bottom of the list other possible areas of interest or work for you or others.


Home address (not post office)

Post office address (if this is the only place where materials or work assignments might be delivered)


Phone (if any and if you are willing to talk; country and area code required)

Hours that you might be able to work per day

Number of days per week that you cannot/will not work

Unusual delivery limits/requirements (to or from; if any)

  1. C++ programming
  2. Baking cookies
  3. Gleaning wild plants from areas that are soon to be logged
  4. Earthworm culture
  5. Editing poetry
  6. Editing text
  7. Proofreading
  8. Scanning images
  9. Scanning text pages
  10. Wood carving
  11. Wood sculpting (large pieces 1-5 feet)
  12. Stone sculpting
  13. Welding garden art forms
  14. Pottery making
  15. Pottery painting
  16. Painting wooden craft objects
  17. Note card packaging
  18. Pen-ink sketching (nature topics)
  19. Pen-ink sketches (landscapes)
  20. Pen-ink sketches (animals)
  21. Cartoon sketches
  22. Painting mailboxes
  23. Taxidermy (preparing leather from deer hides)
  24. Processing fur pelts
  25. Writing news articles
  26. Nature photography
  27. Processing old family photographs to albums
  28. Growing colorful gourds
  29. Growing specialty grapes (16-ft arbor in your yard)
  30. Being a local host (showing local sights to tourists)
  31. Surveying grocery store prices
  32. Collecting data on flower blooming and leaf-fall dates
  33. Writing poetry
  34. Building bird houses
  35. Building modules for rabbit cages
  36. Plumbing (for yard bird and pet watering devices)
  37. Installing water gardens
  38. Building foot trails
  39. Stone masonry
  40. Checking fence lines
  41. Collecting whole black walnuts
  42. Typing business letters
  43. General secretarial work (filing etc.)
  44. Typing book text (Word)
  45. Tutoring - GED
  46. Tutoring - Spanish
  47. Tutoring - Russian
  48. Tutoring - French
  49. Tutoring - Latin
  50. Tutoring - Math
  51. Tending domestic quail
  52. Tending domestic rabbits
  53. Tending domestic pigeons
  54. Tending dairy goats
  55. Delivering lunches/meals
  56. Conducting children's parties
  57. Providing meals for hikers
  58. Wrapping holiday and party packages
  59. Playing country-music instrument (regular, 3 nights/week)
  60. Doing a singular lab analysis
  61. Maintaining backup files for a company
  62. Maintaining a computer database
  63. Serving as webmaster assistant
  64. Serving as a telephone-source-only
    computer trouble-shooter (Rural System's Help desk)
  65. Developing Power Point images
  66. Translation
  67. Cutting wood-carving "blanks"
  68. Using a wood-lathe to produce prescribed craft objects
  69. Glazing clay items (pottery etc.) in a kiln
  70. Specialty repairing of 1 or 2 (only) small appliances
    (to reduce the enormous waste of current throw-away practices)

Work not listed above with which you would like to work with us

Check out Rural System's e-catalog . Your work may appear there some day.

Have property? Become one of the Rural System Tracts and improve its profitability for you along with us. Contact ...

Perhaps you will share ideas and suggestions with me about some of the topic(s) above .


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
September 17, 2005, October 30, 2005