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The Hiliya Resort

In July of 2006 I began correspondence with Ani George by Email. I suggested topics described within WWW. that might be of interest and benefit to their Resort enterprise and suggested correspondence leading to mututally beneficial ends...not yet clearly seen. The resort is being developed by a group of engineers, professionals and technocrats with world wide experience from various assignments joined together for a cause.

I learned more of the resort and have included here information about it so that others may share in my interest, make contacts and become guests of the Resort, and share with us ideas that lead to local employment, stabilization of villages, and improved natural resource management. Mrs. George shared photographs and we invite readers to visit the website of the Resort

75 year-old Kerala style heritage bungalow and farm house serving organic on-farm grown produce. There are 4 bedrooms/8 beds in our facility.
Tropical forests along a river with wildlife and hundreds of species of songbirds.
English-speaking guides take visitors to special areas.
Hiliya Resort
Kenichira, P.O. Wayanad,
Kerala, India PIN- 673596

John Joseph is Managing Director - Phone 009-9447010022

Distance to Bangalore : 285 KMs
Distance to Mysore : 145 KMs
We can arrange pick up from guests from Cochin or Bangalore International Airports.

We may see ways for marketing and for developing ideas within the Tourism Group, Official Avi of bird golf, The Plant People, and involvement with local people in the area in EarthQuilt. A new sport of bird watching might be developed in your area.

Resort efforts seem to fit well with many of my interests and concerns as we attempt to give birth to Rural System . A one-page summary or capsule of the Rural System idea is available.

We seem to share interests in goats.

"Sister" sites have been created, sharing interests and encouraging tourist exchanges and youth programs, perahps a specialized camp for youth.

The most direct means to get to Hiliya from the USA are:
Nearest International Airport : Cochin 250 KMS from Hiliya
Nearest Airport : Calicut : 130 KMS from Hiliya
Nearest Railway Station : Calicut : 100 Kms from Hiliya
Nearest City Centre : Sultan Bathery : 12 KMs from Hiliya
Nearest Bus Station : Kenichira : 2 KMs
Distance to Bangalore : 285 KMs
Distance to Mysore : 145 KMs Hiliya Resort is Situated at the Middle of Wayanad district (Hill Station) of Kerala State in India. The best option for guests is to fly to Cochin or Bangalore and then we will pick you from the international airport.

The Resort of Wayanad is a very suitable location for people with adventure and ecotourism interests. The Western Ghats is a biodiversity hotspot. Brahmmagiri Hills!

Staff are most interested in and specialize in these pursuits. For example, there is a place in Wayanad , called "Pakshipathalam." Pakshi means bird. This place, located deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri hills at an altitude of more than 1700 meters, is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two storey buildings! The deep caves found here are home to wide variety of birds, animals and distinctive species of plants. The journey involves an arduous 7km trek through thick forest commencing at Thirunelli. (Special permission is required from the DFO – North Wayanad at Mananthavady). It's distance from Hiliya is about 60KMs.

See the Wayanad Tourism site. We opened Hiliya for tourists in 2005. The bungalow is 75 years old and is situated at the middle of 16 acres of organic farm. We have other organic farms within a radius of 2 KMs, in total about 40 acres. Last year being the first year we had 50% occupancy out of which 10% was from India. This year (2006) we look forward to 80% occupancy level.

This small web site element is the beginning of what may be a long and profitable and resource-improving dialog. Perhaps, at least, it will acquaint visitors to the web site about a rich resort resource in India.

Please browse the site to learn more about Wayanad

The link to our marketing site may be of interest.

Robert H. Giles, Jr.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

See also Tamrakar Introduction and EarthQuilt


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 6, 2005