"The Groups of Rural System

Rural System is a single corporate conglomerate composed of many Groups or enterprises. From the beginning, people have asked for simplifying ways to see Rural System, for alternative ways to organize the enterprises, corporate divisions, or groups. They sought types, and clusters of the ideas, enterprises, products, etc. It is large, complex, diverse, and parts are overlapping and highly interrelated (all by design). Like a little ecosystem, there is no single best order, no sure place to get started. We tried separating enterprises or groups by work done largely indoors or outdoors but, for fairly obvious reason, that failed.

Here is our current grouping, without priority or assigned values, and it too may change (for example, the limited grouping of "Products and Services").

From here you may link to any Group and then its offerings from this catalog.

One Set of Categories or Sectors ...
System Central or Q Works (link to each group)
Forestry Topics
Agriculture Topics
Sports and Recreation
Products and Services

The Land Force
The Rural System Tracts

The Land Force

System Central or Q Works

  1. System Central Overview
  2. Base (Marketing)
  3. Affiliates
  4. Insurance
  5. The Law and Justice Group
  6. The Wealth Group
  7. The Knowledge Base
  8. Farm Urticles (sic, an e-publication)
  9. The Dogwood Inns
  10. The Realtor Group
  11. The Ebay Group
  12. The Homys (home source employees)
  13. The Warehouse Group
  14. Youth and Adult Camps
    (Codgers, Clachan, and Writers' Camps)
  15. RuraLives
  16. The Memorials Group
  17. The Tours Group
  18. EarthQuilt
  19. The Safety and Security Group
  20. Health
  21. The Rural System Foundation
  22. The GIS Group
  23. The Energy Group
  24. Zeta (International Group)
  25. The Rural System Border

Another Set ...
Emphasizing Types of Benefits

Forestry Topics

  1. The Forest Group
  2. The Certification Group
  3. The Trevey
  4. Fire Force
  5. The Chestnut Group
  6. The Cedar Group
  7. Holiday Trees
  8. Walnut Vales
  9. The Arborist Group
  10. Stoneworms
  11. The Wilderness Group
  12. The Soundscape Group
  13. The Odorscapes Group
  14. The Viewscapes Group
  15. The Foresters


  1. Nature Folks
  2. NatureSeen
  3. Coyote of Nature Folks (wild canids)
  4. The Owls Group
  5. Prospectors
  6. The Structural Geology Group
  7. The Plant People
  8. The Butterfly Band
  9. The Fishery
  10. The Water System Group
  11. The Raccoon Group
  12. The Furbearer Group
  13. The Black Bear Group
  14. The Bobcat Group
  15. Official Avi: Birdwatching Sport
  16. The Wild Turkey Group
  17. The Covey (bobwhite quail)
  18. The Dogs Group
  19. Zoo Group

Agriculture Topics

  1. The Pasture and Range Group
  2. The Gardens Group
  3. The Moss Group
  4. The Bamboo Group
  5. The Cedar Group
  6. Holiday Trees
  7. The PleasantYards Group
  8. The Blueberry Patch
  9. The Worm Corral
  10. Alpha Earth
  11. The Vineyards
  12. The Pest Force
  13. The Bison Group
  14. The Stables
  15. Cattle Group
  16. The Goats System
  17. The Sheep Group
  18. The Rabbit Group
  19. The Goose Flock

Sports and Recreation

  1. The Wildland Crew
  2. The 4 x 4 Group
  3. The Wildland Walkers
  4. Run Along (Youth Program)
  5. Tetra (International
    Cross-Country Relay Race )
  6. The Biking Group
  7. The Challenge Group (Human health and strength)
  8. Triathlon Events
  9. The Rural River Runners
  10. Tree Tops (tree-climbing sport)
  11. Atlatl Spearing Group
  12. NovoSports
  13. GPSence

Products and Services

  1. Right Rural (The Citizens Group)
  2. The Codgers (or The Old Geezers)
  3. The Toys and Play Group
  4. Fog Drip
  5. Floats
  6. The Arts Group
  7. Rural System Images
  8. The Products Group
  9. The Brown Bags Group
  10. The Sculptors
  11. Topics
  12. The Big Bandana
  13. Inquire: The Unified Laboratory (e.g., ecorods)
  14. EcoRods
  15. The Fence Group
  16. Belles and Whistles
  17. Competency: Performance Assurance
  18. The Power Places (the teaching/learning system)

Rural System Tracts

  1. Lands of Private Land Owners and Corporations
  2. National Forest Land
  3. Lands of the Commonwealth and Military Areas
  4. International Land Units

There are over 80 groups or units listed here that are being considered or that are being developed.

R.H. Giles, Jr.
Last revision: May 13, 2012