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Good Dog is an enterprise that offers to owners of tracking hounds (typically raccoon hounds) an opportunity to quantify the goodness of the hound. The owner brings the dog(s) to a course which is on land of Rural System. A miniature radio transmitter is attached to a dog with a collar. A scent trail having been laid out by the staff, the dog is released and tracked by radio. The match between the path taken by the trails person and the dog is made and an analysis done. The squared deviation is used, a chi-square statistic. The dog that does not deviate from the scent path gets a score of 100.

Owners pay to have their dogs run the path. They are given an official result that can be used in dog sales, wagering, and as a statistical trait in breeding dogs for improved hunting abilities. The route may be used for military dogs (used in patrolling areas, etc.) and for evaluating the effectiveness of certain drugs (e.g., caffeine) on enhancing scenting abilities as for bomb sniffing and cadaver dog work.

Connections may be available with The Dog Park showing dog-friendly areas and dog care.

See Perry's thesis:

Perry, M. C. 1970. Studies of deer-related dog activity in Virginia. Unpub. M. S. Thesis, Va. Poly. Inst. and State Univ., Blacksburg, Va. x + 90 pp.

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Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 7, 2005