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About the web site
Introduction and Vision
Addressing the Challenges of National Forest Planning
A Proposed Planning System : GeorgA
Public Involvement
Planning for the Appalachian Trail
Forests of Rural Towns in and Near the National Forest
Plan and Planning References
This web site is believed to be a new mode of citizens' involvement in the national forest planning process.

Many citizens have started being involved in the planning process frustrated. Being confronted by a problem and project of great scope, diversity, space, and with long periods frustrated them. It was as complicated, complex, and numerous as any modern problem and called by insiders "wicked." Each person within a typical public meeting was, if lucky, given a few minutes to speak or, as always, to write. A few minutes was typically inadequate to even list the desired issues, projects, proposals, and concepts, and complaints, certainly not time enough also for praise of past work by Forest staff and organization.

Mr. Jim Loesel of the Citizens' Committee on the National Forest (Jefferson and George Washington of Virginia) first produced a CD for a planning meeting in April, 2005.

Mr. Hayward Shepherd, Shepherd Media Engineering, 111 Pheasant Lane, Summerville, South Carolina 20485, a friend of the Forest about 60 years may later assist in developing a CD to augment Jim's CD and to add the words of involvement of Bob Giles.

The Foreword is by James Loesel, president of the Citizens' Taskforce, who has been deeply involved in Forest Service planning, wilderness preservation, and reasonable administration for about 20 years.


May 2, 2005