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Contours: Geospatial Information Services

Owner: William Card

An early Affiliate of Rural System, Contours has become the backbone of most of the working groups. It has a major work load serving the progressive Nature Folks, Forest Group, Gardens Group, Realtors Group, the Fishery, and others. Be sure to see our own special web site.

Contours provides unique computer maps but more importantly, it provides tables of data and other information to decision makers in many different forms to help analyze situations, see problems and limits, and examine different scenarios of land use. Contours has access to and can deliver in unique forms more information than you can dream about for every area in Virginia, Tennessee, and for most surrounding areas. Most people do not yet realize the power of computer maps ... but just consider ... we can deliver to you:

We're doing exciting work that we can share with you...

We work at many scales, from county (here) to microscopic (surfaces of microbes). Colors can be selected to emphasize topics and relative values. The counts and proportions of areas in each shade or color may be more important than the map itself.

As a suggestion of one application of geospatial analyses at the county scale, we show all National Forest land (in white) and further analyses of the land use types throughout the private lands.
We'll conduct specialized training programs for you, but we think that it is more cost-effective for most organizations to employ us to do your specific tasks. The technology changes rapidly, projects are diverse and expertise is expensive and limited, differences in student needs are very great, and full-time committment is needed because of the learning curve, poor documentation of most GIS systems, high costs of space, the ever-changing needs of your company, and changing support staff. (We can show you the cost differences, even for the short-term.)

Contours Geographic Information Services was founded in 2003 as a privately-owned GIS consulting firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our founding principles were simple: to responsibly manage project work, to strive to provide exceptional quality services to our customers, and to grow without incurring debt.

We're building on the experiences and ideas of Dr. Bob Giles who was doing GIS work with graduate students at Virginia Tech as far back as 1969. The leader and founder, Bill Card, has a MS in natural resource science (wildlife) from Virginia Tech. He has X years of experience within the US Department of the Interior. Through years of hands-on GIS project experience and education, we have acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide high quality services to all of our customers. We know, like you, that there is no substitute for experience. We carefully strive to understand your needs and to emphasize the quality of services provided and your satisfaction. References are available. We're eager to develop superior geospatial analyses for you with appropriate products and will provide consulting.

Bob Giles shares with us some of his ideas about GIS potentials and opportunities in private land development and management.

As Rural System expands and replicates, we shall be pleased to consider inquiries for expanding in other regions of the U.S. and the world.

With partnership with Rural System, our combined expertise and talents will increase our ability to provide you with the best information products and solutions available. A part of all of our financial gains go to Rural System and its diverse programs to stabilize and improve the rural conditions of the U.S. and Earth.

We sell several GIS maps and products through Rural System's General Store.

Working toward reasonable, profitable solutions to persistent, real-world, wicked problems in new ways
then moving past analysis to action

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September 17, 2004