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The Rural System Foundation

The Foundation will be created to provide education, conduct research, and promote the objective of Rural System ... sophisticated modern rural environment and natural-resource management, conservation, and restoration. It seeks to promote the Rural System concept as it might be used to the advantage of distressed rural people and communities world wide.

This organization and its activities are believed to be consistent with the objectives and limits of the corporate structure of the not for profit organization under 501c3 provisions.

The Foundation has sought appropriate certification voluntarily and has established a set of standards and indicator practices Designated to indicate the land Foundationís ability to operate in an ethical, legal, and technically-sound manner and ensure the long-term care and protection and management of lands and waters in the public interest. Indicator practices are listed under the following criteria:

Grants and gifts are sought to expand and make the educational programs effective, to conduct research and development for results that can be used by Rural System and others, and to engage in direct experimental changes in land use that may be used elsewhere some day. It works with land trusts and conservation easements, especially in small areas on contract lands.

It works directly with Inquire, the Integrated Laboratory and all of the groups.

This unit seeks to develop The Didactron (a superior teaching space), The Automated Ecosystem (described with Inquire), and to engage in ebook and local publishing (described with The Memorials Group). It actively responds to RFPs and shares its ideas with potential donors.

It seeks means for cooperative involvement with the Small Business Development Centers of Virginia.

Rural System and its staff benefit from innovations in research and from certain tax advantages related to donating and receiving funds.
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Have you made provisions in your will for Rural System or its foundation? May we invite you to consider doing so. Often, people tell us that they cannot support the Rural System in the way that they would like to. They sometimes apologize for the amounts of their gifts. They believe in the cause and the ideals, but their current income does not support a large gift -- not the kind of gift that they would really like to make.

With many unknowns in life, it is difficult to plan future needs.

But here is another consideration. We are fully committed to the concept that work of Rural System is not short-lived. We are always aggressively pursuing enough resources to help us expand the programs and the reach now. But we will also have financial needs well into the future. So in order for the System's work to continue to grow, we have developed short-term financial resources to meet our current needs and are now developing strategies that will help us bring in resources to help us attain our long-term goals.

In order to accomplish our shared goals, we really need your assistance. You have worked hard to accumulate assets throughout your life. Please think about the following questions. What will happen to your assets after your death? Have you created a will? If not, do you think that you have a long time before you need to do so? Or does the will that you have created reflect your current wishes? When you create a will, you have the ability to determine how your assets will be distributed at your death to the individuals and charitable organizations of your choice. Including a bequest in your will to Rural System may be the best way to make a really meaningful gift. What are some of the reasons to make a bequest to the Center for Inquiry?

Our donors have a real belief in the work that is being done because they would rather see their assets go to Rural System than to state or federal taxes.

A bequest gives people the flexibility to hold onto their assets to cover the present and future needs of themselves and their families, while providing a remainder gift to support the work of the System

Some donors would like their gift to support Rural System after their lifetimes to leave a legacy -- to ensure that their philanthropic dreams and goals are met after they are gone.

Whatever your reasons for giving, the development staff at the Rural System Foundation can work with you to ensure that your gift, whether given in the present or future, is structured to fit your needs and wants. Please contact us by phone at xxxxor e-mail us xxxx and let us know what you have in mind. We can send you information on planned gifts or bequests. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and vital! Making a bequest can be as simple as inserting a few sentences into an existing will.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above.

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 1, 2005