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Q - Why combined web sites (Lasting Forests and Rural System)?

A - To allow people to retain links to the materials even though interests have changed or they have located only one or the other site.

Q - Is Lasting Forests just a "forestry" site?

A - It started as a site devoted to the broad interests of Giles and primarily those of forests...all dimensions. Limitations were quickly found as well as needs for expansion. Rural System became the answer.

Q - Does Rural System exist?

A - The concept and web site does exist as well as widespread interest. It does not exist as a functioning enterprise. Giles and others seek ways to get it started.

Q - Isn't the Rural System concept too broad?

A - Probably. "Small "has been the root of past rural problems in the region. A group must eventually emerge to "get it all together" with a common measurable objective for the good of society. That's the small idea behind it.

Q - If Rural System gets going, won't it compete with us?

A - It's unlikely. We predict that we can find ways to work together that will increase your gains and be good for other citizens.

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April 2, 2005