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You've heard of the gray and underground literature? Rural Urticles contains units (articles with problems; urticles ... it's a made-up word so don't waste time in the dictionary) that are dark gray, border-line black, crepuscular, hyporheic, subnivean. It is a e-publication, a collection of scanned papers and images and important files, most of which that have not been published. They are "urticles", not articles, for they do not have the style, structure, editorial cleanliness, polish, and snobbery of articles in the "right" journal. They are truth as each author sees it.

The content is mostly about rural, ecological and environmental things, especially wild animals, but then everything is or can be easily related to wild animals.

Besides, they are not printed, not really published. They are well-arranged electronic bits ... until the next technological alternative.

The publication and its content is similar to that of the Journal of Half-Baked Ideas but most of these are fully baked, some burned, and it includes:

An example is Forest Faunal Systems, a whole textbook.

Rural Urticles is a place for people who are as conscientious about preserving knowledge and ideas as they are about preserving trees and animals. It is for people who hate waste of human scholarly working time as much as waste of electricity and paper. It is for people who count the total taxpayer, social, and family costs of field studies, see few benefits, and do not want either of those lost in files, stored at high cost, or discarded due to personal or agency moves, file-cleaning by uninformed or unaided assistants. They must not be lost during end-of-career office cleaning by distraught professionals or death-scene cleaning by distraught families.

It is a place for the work of the walking wounded who appreciate the work of qualified editors, who welcome advice and assistance from reviewers, but who limp from the insults, snobbery, local biases, and narrowness of ever-changing editors, some who have not "read the minutes of the last meeting" or ventured past the ivy walls.

Its a place for the writing of the far-seeing, maybe prognosticators, who know likely futures and their consequences and have no place "to present," even if they are willing to take the risks of such presentations. They can rarely find a place to publish in increasingly specialized journals.

It's not a place for reporting nature observations. That's accommodated by NatureSeen.

When your article is included in Rural Urticles you should include it in your curriculum vitae, that long list of all of your published work, but not include it on your resum´ Employers and university faculty will not look kindly or positively upon FU items in your list. The working thoughtful rural system community, especially the faunal system management community members will know what you are doing and why. Publications in the resum´ are like drying scalp locks hanging on the teepee. FU is created to move observations, ideas, and concepts into action. Maybe you'll enjoy participating. We'll include almost anything except libelous, slanderous stuff. We cannot handle over-sized drawings or bluebrints. Some carbon-copies will not scan well (but we're working on that).

We'll let your work appear with the author "anonymous" ... but that will not be very satisfying for you, we imagine. (We still have to correspond with you for permission and release forms.) We shall not protect your authorship if interrogated by the courts. If you have signed a contract saying that you will not publish the material of interest, then we wont be a partner in an effort to violate that contract. We hope that you will send us materials of which you are proud, have confidence, and believe that it can be helpful to others. We view Faunal Urticles as a helping place, not one for unlimited self-serving creative expression or mindless text-dump. We suggest Floats for poetic expression, RuraLives for biographic submissions, and Fog Drip for musical expression. We still reserve the right to reject some submissions for a bunch of reasons (we can show you the list). Freedom of speech is a good thing; you don't have rights herein to say just anything. We're not required to publish just anything. With rights go responsibilities. If we reject your work, definitely not you, try to find an alternative home for it.

We can't do it for free but we're seeking help to keep the costs down for the people who most need such help. The bottom line ... it'll cost you 2 bucks a page plus $5... about the cost of supper. When complete, all that you will get is a lot of satisfaction and your ability to see (along with thousands of others in a searchable form) your material on-line at an Internet site address that we will send to you. You will be able to see the number of "hits" your paper gets ... probably far more than the readers you would get if presented to the world in the classical means. Your electronic materials will be stored with a backup. Your original materials will be returned, if you request it, at your expense.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005