Rural System's


A benefit is "an improved condition or ability of individuals or of society, or prevention of a worse condition." This implies that it has already been received. A benefit can be something that does or can be expected to result in an improved condition. The very same thing (i.e., a good, service, etc.) when in excess may not be a benefit. There is implicit within the concept (or a good definition) a need for a concept of the margin.

An event may be a benefit or provide diverse benefits of a special type unavailable or unlikely elsewhere. There are campfires, story-telling sessions, great lectures, family trips, unique sightings, prized first-time-occurrence observations, county fairs (music, noise, odors, food, fellowship) that are unique ... special events with timely and often lasting memories, opportunities, ideas, etc. Events may be and often are inter-related with but not the same as other benefits and not easily included within "goods and services.".

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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October 18, 2005