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Under development following TV unit on June 29, 2005.

Showing much success after only 10 years (2005), Ebay may offer outstanding opportunities as a group within System Central or as separate unit. In 2005, about 7% of the price of an item goes to Ebay. Monitoring is done in output/second and bids traffic. The quest is to get more people to buy and sell. Perhaps separate unique arrangements can be worked out with that corporation or we may use standard affiliation as a store or corporation. Our Catalog moves in the direction of their work.

With Ebay and interactive marketing, the buyer controls the kind and amount of information received. There must be abundant information to meet the needs of many buyers, a potential cascade of information, at least some of it for sale.

Interactive marketing with Ebay concepts as well as others include:

Related marketing ideas:

Growth concepts:

In the same vein, Ord Nebraska (October 2006) has finally figured out how to fight back from loss of people and movement to cities. It has hired a business coach to help teach local stores how to sell their goods over the Internet and to match up retiring shop owners with aspiring ones. Schoolchildren learn how to start their own little businesses — like the sixth-grade girl who made a video of the town’s history and sells it at school reunions — so they will not grow up to think the only job opportunities are at big companies in Omaha or St. Louis. Graduates of Ord High School who have moved elsewhere receive mailings telling them about job opportunities back in town.

None of this happens naturally in a free-market economy, because the efforts cost money that will never be fully recouped. But it has happened nonetheless thanks to one of the few advantages that Ord does have over Chicago, Dallas and New York: it is in a state with some of the most generous wealthy people in the country.(from New York Times)

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Robert H. Giles, Jr.
June 30, 2005