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Behind Doing Business : Our Credo

There are several layers behind the way staff and participants in Rural System work or do business. No one is told what to believe or think or what attitudes to hold but we like to communicate our intent and direction as well as the merging of those layers for our staff as well as customers.

We have a credo, a code of conduct that landowners and citizens can expect from staff working with all aspects of Rural System. It attempts to express, even in a limited way, what we stand for and believe in, and how we operate and address public, client, and personal concerns. We try to extend our limits and correct quickly our failures in living and working to this creed.

We do not hide that we are profit oriented but we hold that longterm bounded profit, a key phrase, is an index to how well we are improving and sustaining the environment and the quality of life for rural people of the region. We allow citizens to participate in restoring, producing, and managing the rural environment and in gaining personal and family profits from doing so.

We understand quality performance as that which

Quality is never accidental; it is always the result of intelligent effort.
John Ruskin, English historian

We guarantee courteous, prompt work to deliver cost-effective, practical services that meet your objectives ... and we work hard to help you clarify and articulate those objectives.

Our products are of high quality, safe, reasonably-tested while often being innovative, and we guarantee them and are willing to provide reasonable returns or replacements. We have select products grown under superior conditions without of unnecessary toxic agents.

We offer many, diverse opportunities and seek to meet staff, customer, and local citizens' personal as well as group needs and interests within the rural context.

We seek out and offer special views but work to achieve a lasting, diverse pastoral and forestal viewscape. We seek to impede destruction of scenes that are important to many people and to build a regional visual "personatity" or spirit.

We move data to information and seek to build a workable knowledge base for improving decisions throughout the rural regions of the world with its evolving needs and challenges.

We know that there are individuals and "loners" but we know of the needs for relating, for help, for team work, and for many religious, cultural, and recreational reasons. We work for planned synergism. Thus, we offer many memberships and new forms of social networking providing secure opportunities for and knowledge from such memberships and associations.

Memory seems personal but some hold that it is a shared thought or process. We work to provide products, services and opportunities that produce pleasant, perhaps exciting, consoling and helpful memories. We work on developing memory skills but also on helping people gain tasteful small objects that focus and assist in pleasant or useful recall.

Our Work Ethic

Our work ethic includes actions and attitudes that are:


Seeking longterm sustained profits from the land requires retaining and building its productivity as well as its many benefits for diverse potential users of private lands. To this end, generalizing, the staff tends to develop highly-related programs that include:

    Governing thoughts and concepts

  1. We have a strong bias toward modified general systems theory. We attempt to share ideas and knowledge, test the goodness of some of them on the land, and gain energy for the fight ahead for an environment fit for humans. Rural System can be considered an experiment, a test of the soundness of an entrepreneurial paradigm for sustained natural resource management.
  2. We attempt prompt, courteous service. Old manners remain good for us and our potential and current customers.
  3. We welcome suggestions for improvements and attempt to offer incentives for making them and rewards for those that become part of the profit-base of the total enterprise.
  4. Our facilities are safe, clean, and attractive and are part of a marketing base.
  5. We provide progress reports and timely information as well as results for customers.
  6. We maintain confidential records to enhance our competitiveness. We share information with loyal cooperators.
  7. We compete with equals or lesser enterprises, concepts, and agencies. Competing with known superiors is irrational; competing with equals only assures wins half the time (poor odds).
  8. Discrimination may be part of competition.
  9. We do not "discriminate" in any of our programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital or family status. We actively seek to find employment opportunities for people who seem disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control or major influence.
  10. We do discriminate on the basis of ability, performance leading to profits, attitudes leading to group cohesion and positive synergistic results, and creative work linked to the objectives of the enterprise.
  11. Information is our primary product and we rarely provide it at no cost.
  12. Ability to do synthetic work is a resource that we sell. The results can also be sold. Empowering others (as with a computer program) to do work is more important than providing information.
  13. Research results in theses and dissertations and government reports (e.g., NTIS) are rich "mines" from which wealth can be gained. Mining them is one of our tasks in the cold and dark.
  14. We check into the fair trade provisions of cooperating companies and individuals and their products (clothing, crafts, coffee, tea, cocoa). We'll attempt to avoid including those not in compliance.
  15. Social behavior of corporations will be studied.
  16. Letters (however sent) will follow the C5 rule.

See Decent Work. It may be unified with Credo.

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September 21, 2004