Rural System's

The Big Bandana

The air was so sweet ... it seemed to come in soft bandanas ...
Jack Kerouac, "On the Road"

We have for you a big blaze-orange bandana with a computer-produced pattern on it. It is no 14 x 14-inch hankie but a neckerchief-sized thing for the outdoors person. It only costs $x.xx. It can be used for everything a bandana has ever been used for, but this one can be used ...

Suggested 2 1/5 x 3 3/4 folded card (4 panel) Label for delivery with each Bandana
Front Right

RS symbol


The Big Bandana

Extra Sturdy
More Uses Than You can Imagine
Wear it with Rural Pride

Rural System
Sophisticated Modern Work
for People, Communities, and Natural Resources

Front Left
Inside (the back of these 2 pages) include a partial list of uses - directions to Rural System - safety comments - address for habitat analysis or other aids - also date and number

We've selected materials and colors to be both cheerful as well as practical. The Big Bandana is a symbol of working men and women and cheerful, playing, healthy children in the outdoors. It's the right size, not too small or large. It will be very soft very soon. Keep it clean and treat it gently (like all natural resources) and it will serve you and others well.

Thanks for choosing it.

We hope you'll share with us and other buyers your experiences and tales about your use of and importance of your Big Bandana. We have related computer programs for those of you who use it for evaluating faunal habitat.

We have ideas for its use...a growing list ...and we welcome suggestions in our contest.

Wear and display it with pride; it will help Rural System develop to improve the regional, national, and world rural system.
Contact us at

Enjoy and your Big Bandana.

Description: Items
Black on orange
RS symbol at right (white or black) showing in center so it will show on forehead if bandana is used as a head band
each with a small unique number
checker-board squares in center
1 foot measure printed on a side
1/5 meter measure printed on a side

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .

Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 26, 2005