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A Party Kit

A Party Kit is developed and sold (est $35) from the e-catalog, EBay Group, and concessions and affiliates. It is primarily used at Bee Parties. It contains:

  1. Antennae - 8 - for each child
  2. Headbands with a cloth "stinger"
  3. Plastic table cloth, napkins, plastic spoons
  4. Brown and yellow M and M's candy
  5. Black and yellow streamers and attachment tape
  6. A bee-hive shaped cake pan
  7. Yellow Kool-aid with honey sweetner of suggested optional use of orange juice
  8. Bee honey - "stick in your finger and taste a small amount"
  9. Bee-Line - a little dance (shown in printed illustrations)
  10. Bee-Hind - a little "pin-the-tail-on-the donkey-like poster with pins and tail tape
  11. Bee Posters - 2 for door and wall decoration
  12. Bee Dazzle - 8 sparklers for use outdoors (optional use)
  13. Be Stuff - a list of things to know about bees and other insects (read to children is in "did you know that...?"
  14. Be Kind - a story read by an adult or assitant
  15. Begin - a yellow striped feather-filled or sawdusr-filled ball (from certified forest wood)for a through-the-legd, over-the-head, then over and under relay
  16. Buzzing - description of a game (buzzing tones)
  17. Buzzing 2 - a counting game with buzzer and a bee booklet
  18. Bee Stickers (small paste on pictures) within a goody bag of small items for each member of the party
  19. Bees wax chewing gum - 8 peieces
  20. Circle Game - Waxed string is used with a painted washer. Washer is "strung" on the string and a circle is formed with all holding onto the string. The washer is hidden in the hands of 7 party members and passed around the ring. Who has the ring? is asked by a player in the cent er who tries to guess where the ring is or see it as children move hands left and ringt and all together buzz. The person in the middle carries a flad labeled "careful"
  21. Baking soda packet - to explain bee stings and demonstrate care and tooth brushing
  22. None of your bees wax! - a guessing game
  23. Find the Flowers - an Easter egg like hunting game for the bees, the party members, to find the hidden flowers.
  24. Flower note cards for each parent from each child for "being so nice."
  25. Bee Quiet - note paper for the parent : (1)How to make the party better next year and (2) a stamped card to the Butterfly Band enterprise asking for suggestions and ideas (with a prize) on how to make the kit better.
  26. A note to dads and mothers avout available honey, hives, services, and regional bee projects.

Perhaps you will share ideas with me about some of the topic(s) above .


Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
October 31, 2006