Rural System's


The Base or the Base Group is a unit of System Central working with a group of businesses and individuals supporting new, vigorous, and profitable development within the region. The Base staff are dedicated to increased profits within the conglomerate along with building upon creative efforts in the region and around it.

An example of the communication with a shop or store owner
in the neighborhood of the Rural System...

I want you to become a member of Rural System's Base Group. This is an invitation, but I also want your help in working together. The Base Group includes businesses supporting new, vigorous, and profitable forestry and outdoor recreation and tourism development within the county and nearby counties. The Base Group Staff members are dedicated to increased profits for you along with building upon creative efforts in the region and around it.

As a member of the Base, you will get:

  1. Priority news about the Rural System and its successes (even failures if they occur).
  2. Access to the Base web page and an advertising banner.
  3. Access to the Rural System e-mail "hot-line", a vital source for information about the Base and exciting new research discoveries, products, and services.
  4. Announcements of programs and activities for coordinating your promotions and sales.
  5. A satellite map of your location within the region.
  6. New group advertising promoting the county, and thus your role in it.
  7. New access to tourists and groups of new types.
  8. An annual conference of members.
  9. A monthly newsletter on the Web featuring sales and promotion strategies.
  10. Access to useful marketing strategies.
  11. Financial news of the region.
  12. News of Rural System developments and new opportunities for profits with the environment, digging "green gold."
  13. News of how to avoid hazards (safety, fire, accident, theft) and to reduce costs.
  14. Support of natural resource education in the local schools, with new units provided to children over the internet ... building a customer base.
  15. At-cost Base-member-only announced tours (2 options per year).
  16. Access to bulk-buying or group-buying opportunities never-before-available for the small business operators within the region. See also
  17. An annual report describing membership and ranging-related business progress in the neighbor counties.
  18. Discounts on other Rural System products and services.

The cost of membership is $276, as low as we can get it now. It's a business expense, not a contribution. This cost (adjusted for inflation) will go down as the membership in Base increases ($5 per 20 new members) to the best deal in the region, a mere $200.

Write or call so that we can tell you about the Rural System and the Base Group. Please join and contact your associates to tell them about Base and Rural System. We think you'll be as excited as we are about expanded opportunities as we work to protect and enhance the region and bring it and its wonderful environment and natural resources to life through realistic new interrelated enterprises and greater profits for enterprises now in the region


September 24, 2004