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When small businesses and even large ones are struggling within the rural environment, there is no success in a new enterprise replacing an existing one. Rural System seeks no competition (except in effectiveness and improving the regional conditions) and it will go out of its way to avoid it and to assist those enterprises that already exist. We propose to seek affiliations, "associations" or "alliances" with many groups and enterprises because we believe that by strategic work with them, they can become more strong and lasting when woring alone, and together we can improve the rural communities and their citizens.

We realize the individual spirit of existing enterprises and their people, grown tough from the past struggles toward success, and we expect no charity or open doors. We offer ourselves and our enthusiasm for success for rural citizens and their communities. In some cases the enterprises suggested herein already exist and we would welcome their services and direct cooperation for our mutual benefits. We may become merely a good customer. Affiliation may provide desired public relations benefits. Tax benefits may be developed. We can share resources, expand market share, improve in name recognition, provide special support services (such as computer power), provide a temporary employment pool within our Land Force, and offer innovative regional and international marketing via the Internet and social media.

Rural System proposed to form strategic alliances with enterprises for mutual profit and to further its objectives which are improving

These are described in a free e-book about Rural System .

A strategic alliance occurs when two or more businesses join together for a set period of time. Maybe it becomes no more solid than "a memorandum of understanding," but there may be a need for a contract. The businesses, usually have similar products or services that are directed toward the same target audience. Like you, we are selling the conventional "products and services" but we group them within benefits and work on selling the entire list of benefit classes which are:

  1. Services
  2. Products
  3. Structures
  4. Events
  5. Opportunities
  7. Information
  8. Ideas
  9. Inspirations
  10. Memberships, and
  11. Memories.

We believe that there are at least ten good reasons for interested and related enterprises to create with us a strategic alliance or modern affiliation

  1. You can offer your customers a larger variety of products or services and other benefits than you now do, thus time and money developing new products or services to sell.
  2. Your number of sales people will increase because you're combining in a special way with those of our enterprises of the conglomerate, thus expanding without adding time and money hiring new employees.
  3. Your marketing and advertising will increase; we share in advertising and marketing outreach and impact.
  4. You can now offer your existing customers more diverse and related products, some with a special environmental "touch."
  5. Your business will gain access to a large number of skilled people (knowledge and expertise) working on related topics or projects.
  6. You will be able to sell to a larger target audience using our advanced social network and computer aids.
  7. You can exchange endorsements with your alliance partners. Rural System is new and has no "reputation" to share. Soon you'll add extra credibility to your business and gain your potential customers trust.
  8. You can expand your business rapidly. You can develop new products and services rapidly with an expanded work force.
  9. You'll be able to solve your customer's problems fast with a large base of customer service people. You'll also learn new ways to improve your customer service.
  10. You'll have a large number of "strategic thinking" people. This will allow both of our businesses to come up with profitable business ideas and practices quicker than before.
notes from Charles H. Denney, 2009

We open our door to potential affiliates. Let's talk about forming a strategic alliance, then take action. It can be good for us both, the region, and natural resources.

Several have suggested that we call them when Rural System gets "up and running."

We have a small list of people interested in helping and working with us. A letter from each potential affiliate suggesting willingness to consider affiliation and developing a strategic plan after a business plan is detailed will be helpful in seeking start-up funding. See Partnerships.

Promotion example: The Hiliya Resort (India)

The Hiliya Resort is situated 145 km from Mysore in the Kerala State of India. Guests usually fly to Bangalore and then we will pick them from the international airport.

Hiliya opened for tourists in 2005. There is 75 years old bungalow situated at the middle of 16 acres of organic farm. We have other organic farms within a radius of 2 km, in total about 40 acres.

The Resort is a very suitable location for people with adventure and ecotourism interests. The Western Ghats is a biodiversity hotspot, especially the Brahmmagiri Hills!

Staff are most interested in and specialize in these pursuits. For example, there is a place called "Pakshipathalam" located deep within the forest in the Brahmagiri Hills at an altitude of more than 1700 meters. There is a formation of large boulders, some as tall as two-story buildings. The deep caves there are home to a wide variety of birds, other animals, and distinctive species of plants. That journey involves an arduous 7 km trek through thick forest commencing at Thirunelli. There are many other diverse options.

See the Wayanad Tourism site.

One of the first Associates is HappyGrass Mowing and More, Inc.

          HappyGrass Mowing and More, Inc.


About Us:

HappyGrass is a landscaping and property management service. We provide many diverse services for residential and business properties including but not limited to mowing, mulcjing, trimming, pruning, pressure washing, deck staining, and other outdoor tasks at affordable prices. We hope to create a personal relationship with each customer and treat each customer as an individual instead of an address.

Our Mission:

To provide individualized and personal service to each of our clients who are in need of quality lawn care, landscaping, and other home maintenance services. We hope to build lasting relationships within the community while building a reputable property-care business.

And Remember ...

A happy yard starts with happy grass!


Our services include the items on the following list, however we can do other things by request. If you have a question about our services, send us an email at
 Mowing  Mulching  Trimming  Pressure Washing
 Staining  Gutter Cleaning  Pruning  Flower Bed Installation or  Maintenance
 Tree Removal  Junk or Trash  Removal  Brush Removal  More by request

We offer full-season mowing as well as single-service mowing or as needed.

Our website:
See images of some of our work at that site ... and the basis for our company emblem.

Phone: 540-200-8372
P.O. Box 1002
Blacksburg, Virginia 24062

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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
Februrary 7, 2007; April 24,2012