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Whatever you call it, be sure to call Rural System.

Rural land and water and natural resources, the whole rural environment, are under assault and now. Unless the resources are very well managed, they cannot be sustained. Lands and people and communities that depend upon them are at risk. Rural System has been formed to help you in your community, on your lands, or just as citizens in a region that is suffering. We no longer have trust in agencies (as in the past) to be of great help. The needs are greater than they can meet. We're in the business of helping make profit from land for you while restoring it, improving its productivity and profitability ... but with a significant difference ... we love the land and we concentrate on profitability over the long run, not "cut and run" operations. We are a high-technology operation, varying from using GPS location procedures, modern sampling and modeling, expert systems, computer optimization, and satellite images with other computer maps - to Internet marketing and automated dynamic planning systems. We're building a logical system to immediately serve western Virginia, then to expand that system elsewhere.

If you own land or know someone who does, it is nearly your civic responsibility to get that land under superior modern management. That means that it is being brought into a profitable status, restored after past abuses and high-grading resources. It means protecting special areas, attending to natural beauty, maintaining the scenery for visitors ... also bringing it into financially reasonable production, past the scary margin, and into current profitability with an eye on increased profits.

People now move to the cities. Working "the place" becomes increasingly difficult. The risks of fire and theft increase. Rural System has positioned itself to help land owners, especially those who do not live on the land or that live there and no longer can make profits from it with their many other employment and family demands. Staff of Rural System love to hear " just handle it for me." We can do so, respectful of your many objectives and limits, your pride of ownership, but with an eye on comprehensive landscape and environmental improvement, increased profits, and longterm management. We have the staff, a powerful knowledge base, and a bonded and educated Land Force to manage your land for you (or with you as you see fit.) We manage the whole land ownership, not just pieces. We work as a conglomerate with many properties and we know that some areas are too small to make a profit. When your lands are combined within the single corporation with computer decision aids, we can begin to improve your forests, pastures, landscapes, watersheds, and wildlife ... and taxation. We help to keep rural land rural, improve it, and avoid the pressures and high social costs or converting it to homes and factories.

We're able to help keep people within the region by providing employment for them, not only within us but within our associated enterprises. We do not just talk about but actively work on the land to insure the integrity of the soil or to improve its richness and ability to deal with climatic change. We manage water carefully for its losses are as costly as losing soil and its productive land volume. We are not just interested in trees but in forests and how they relate to pastures, ponds, pests, people ... and pictures taken by ecotourists in the area. Wild animals (over 200 species) are important in our management strategies, not only for the health of the forests and other plant and animal communities, but for recreation and our viable new enterprises.

There are many roles within Rural System, for it is both an action program and a new paradigm expressing that old fashioned "conservation" or "concern for the environment" have not worked very well for regions of the state. Subsidized work by volunteers, while valuable, cannot be sustained and is inadequate. We need a new capitalistic look, management for reasonable sustained longterm profits for land owners within a region. Land loses value when a region is in peril or under-funded by policies and State laws and regulations. Rural System offers two strategies ... (1) direct local use of citizens' contributions to practical, effective, guaranteed work on lands and waters of the region (halting some of that to high-overhead national and foreign organizations) and (2) gaining the economies of a diverse, comprehensive, integrated rural-resource related conglomerate, a system of many enterprises, computer aids, and a land force that re-builds and enhances the western Virginia countryside...then moves ahead. Share with us in this new,very important venture. Let us work with you on your land. Maybe that of a friend or relative? Tell someone about us. Hesitant? Then join RightRural to learn more and participate later. Call us toll free at xxxxxxx or contact us at www. Rural xxx

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Rural System
Robert H. Giles, Jr.
July 3, 2005