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The Website Unit of the
Software Group

Preliminary ideas for the web site management group are to provide...

This web site and others will provide a major communication link among all members of the Rural Business and it opens the gates to users, buyers, advertisers, and members. It provides an e-commerce catalog, access to land, services, and products, and serves several memberships within the conglomerate. It will provide a creative space for presenting ideas, but also for listening to the ideas, interests, and needs of potential customers.

Attempting to create customer and user ecstasy

The web site hub for practical rural life

Contacts are being made with SmartWood for initial developments. Foresters, Inc. has expressed interest. Much of Giles' web site (../) may be wrapped into the site. Distance learning will be conducted from the site (e.g.,a wildlife resource management course).

With competent work from an aggressive sales staff, this may become a major site for coordinated forestry, fisheries, wildlife, and wildland-related equipment, products, and services. It links land purchase and sales to sophisticated analyses (for the realtor as well as the potential owners) (e.g., virtual (photo) tours with services such as ipix ) and sets the stage for cost-effective future land management involving the diverse units of Rural Business. Advertising contracts will be sought, but major efforts will be to acquire a percentage of sales resulting from orders originating from this site (perhaps with services of websidestory).

Dr. Mike Rauscher ( suggestsed

Just visit the site at and I believe you will find a blueprint for the kind of groupie internet site that appeals to people who have deer hunting and other Rural Business interests.

Note the news update (maybe weekly or monthly for deer and more frequently as things get into the season). Example: Flash! Of 36 hunters from all over the United States, 20 of them got their deer on opening day. Measurement of the harvested deer's vital statistics indicate that conditions are ....

Note the Chat Room and also the collection of the BEST Stories tips and experiences.

There are books to purchase, people who will answer your questions, glossy color brochures etc.

A literary group is likely to form using the concepts in

Here you could add an events monitor to publicize and describe the upcoming regional attractions: classes, field trips, scouting trips, BBQ's etc.

Estimated annual costs are......$150,000

Estimated 5th year annual profits...$200,000

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