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Tree Tops
A Tree-Climbing Organization

Youths know the joy of climbing trees. Some know the pleasures of long hours spent just sitting, looking, and "getting away." As society become more urban, chances for doing this very much become more difficult.

TreeTops is a school and a promoter of tree climbing events and individual experiences.

It may be affiliated with Tree Climbing USA, Abram Winters, Owner, P.O. Box 142062 Fayettesville, GA 707-487-6929 or Tree Climbers International, P.O. Box 5588, Atlanta, GA 31107 (404-377-3150)

Ideas include:

  1. Conducting climbing schools in prepared trees
  2. Selling or renting climbing equipment.
  3. Picnics or suppers and campfire tales following morning or afternoon events.
  4. Owl Nights - staying in trees in hope of seeing an owl in the tree nearby (as many people have reported seeing hawks at close-hand)
  5. Locating special trees at special sites and offering special climbs, secluded, silent, undisturbed time alone.
  6. Poems while written in threes (publications or chapbook)
  7. Contributions to NatureSeen
  8. Insect collections at 10 meter intervals (to know the fauna which is the food supply of bats and birds)
  9. Offering research services to study the lichen, algae, bats, birds, etc. and distribution of rainfall or air pollution (isotopes) at various levels of the forest canopy.

While there may some day be a sport of tree climbing (catered and developed by Novosports) , here we strive for recreation, solitude, and making a use of the environment that is non destructive and enhances the views.

We may be able to affiliate in some way with the climbers of a different sort, e.g., for example rappelling groups and cavers or rock climbers .

We may cater to groups and relate well to The Tours Group

We conduct special tours for trained people into wilderness and ancient forest areas.

We emphasize safety, first aid skills, and fitness.

We encourage all ages to participate.

In some areas, we participate in placing nest boxes for raccoons.

We sell unusual photographs, texts, stories.

We form a membership, and on a web site show the number of climbs reported voluntarily by members. The site contains advertising, other material on Pivots, meetings, special programs, and news about other groups.

We have an annual reunion and gain funds from advertisers of new equipment. Outfits suggests special clothing.

Development costs are $60,000 (salary, equipment, marketing). This proposed group is so new and unusual that net gains will likely be modest at $2,000 a year. It can grow rapidly among highschool and college students and provide special opportunities for some handicapped people.

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Maybe we can work together
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