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This website shows you the design for a complex system that can improve land use and the conditions for thousands of people living in rural communities ... and those depending upon them. It describes a modern, diverse natural resource-based corporation. That private not-for-profit conglomerate is a system of over 57 proposed enterprises or groups. They share resources and provide mutual gains, while exploiting the profitability of ideas and resources when they are well managed over a very long time. Some are "high-tech" endeavors.

The conglomerate achieves sustained profits through optimizing decisions with computer help and using a carefully conceived set of techniques and principles. It exploits millions of dollars in past research results. It works with private land owners. It has a common leadership group and many outdoor as well as indoor enterprises. Staff are motivated by profits as well as the happy consequences of beautiful, healthful living environments.

First centered in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, the enterprise is international in scope and action. With a pivotal headquarters, the corporation is unlimited in working areas or practical groups.

Rural System, Inc. is highly accountable. It uses financial gains from superior management to preserve some lands and waters, restore others, and improve all of it. Few other efforts seem to have worked well!

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