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Many workers must be trained and educated in a wide variety of skills. Corporate policy must be quickly transmitted. Orientations must be thorough but cost-effective. Esprit de corps must be built and creativity encouraged. Whole enterprises - camping, recreational, horses, rehabilitation, and the fire school - have major educational components. They need educational expertise. It would be foolish to try to have each gain such expertise within itself - though evidently each will require some specialized educational expertise.

Content or "facts and skills" come from experts; how to transmit these to others is the problem for educators. The adult educational group can provide the learning theory, educational spaces and situations, consultation on problems, and joint use of equipment to supply all of these needs.

There is no need to build a facility when spaces can be rented in the area and elsewhere. The short-term teacher and the audience are the issues, not the permanent space. Nevertheless it may be appropriate for later to consider an optional space for long-term conferences, retreats, and schools, those that last from one week to one month. The facilities may be created to serve such needs and to cater to families. While a spouse is involved in the educational programs, there will be ample provisions for the family to sight see, engage in many recreational forms, camp, hike, observe wildlife, and engage in painting, sculpture, handicrafts, reading, writing, horseback riding (or lessons), and local tours.

Primary attention will be toward group conferences, meetings for board members, division employees who need to get away to "work things out" together, meetings to move whole groups to new levels of excellence, a place where a new technology or a new accounting system can be mastered by a group. Of course the management of the adult educational subgroup may plan and sponsor special courses and workshops and attempt to attract individual subscribers. The emphasis, however, will be on large group contacts and total planning of educational experiences.

The emphasis on large groups is related to projected travel difficulties and the need for mass transit to the area and prolonged stays needed to justify high travel costs.

Computer usage is expected to be high in computer-managed instruction or "distance-learning", computer-assisted instruction, use of realistic computer simulations, and in student progress evaluation and feedback needed to make the overall change in desired behaviors highly efficient.

Community education needs, especially remedial work, work for the gifted, and local industrial improvement will be encouraged and scheduled with other education.

We understand and are willing to work with people with ideas, fund "pot-boiler" studies to collect preliminary data and develop proposals.

Initial Needs: A plan, a market analysis, a major educational facility with small bachelor dormitory and many family cabins nearby. Cooperative work with the community colleges. See also Clachan. Staff cabins or dormitory for visiting educators. Possible development of the Didactron (Giles and Huffman 1973), a special high-technology educational place for optimal teaching and learning.

See also ideas on a youth program.

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