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Adding value to land and wood

Late in the development of Rural Systems, Inc. Mr. Buz Pierce introduced the concept of solid wood or whole log cabins. He was marketing a factory-built log Recreational Park Trailer for recreational purposes such as hunting, fishing and just plain enjoying without having to go through the expense of building. There are ever-changing planning and zoning ordinances that influence the sales.The Recreational Park Trailers are well established, built in house, and use a third- party engineer for inspection under the ANSI A119.5 code. These were a clear means to utilize relatively small wood harvested from the land, partially as a forest thinning process and in efforts to rebuiuld vital forests that were once high-graded. The beauty and diversity of his structures suggests many applications and uses for them throughout the system but especially as an alternative sale item, readily and convincingly marketed through Rural System, Inc. for lands of the Pivotal Tracts.

The structures are all designed to add to and complement the rural character of the land. Objectives , besides esthetics, are for fossil energy conservation and appropriate use of prime lands land for quality of life for the foreseen future.

For now, potentials are being considered and discussed and contacts are welcomed.

cordwood masonryMr. Pierce also provided links for cordwood masonry, a fascinating concept, readily applied within the western Virginia region. The process uses small-dimension woods as 16-inch "bricks" with special mortar to create walls. The resulting structure is attractive and energy effective. The woods used and those that are not likely to be used elsewhere in the process of restoring vital, economically-productive forests to the region.

The structures have particular relevance as they may be used in applications for business and family dwellings in the coal-field communities as suggested in the proposals for Pivotal Rig.

We shall be seeking alternative strategies for the stores and buildings within the region that now cause economic drains on people who desire to live in the areas but that cannot pay the mortgages. Warehousing may be an alternative. Needs for office and teaching/learning spaces will grow.

We have contacts with people knowledgeable about earth-sheltered housing and passive solar energy. Our firewood unit seems to be of high order. Linkages with existing groups will be sought.

Continual applications of research findings from Virginia Tech' s wood science and technology unit are anticipated. Strong links will be forged with the Madison, Wisconsin wood science group of the US Forest Service and forest cooperatives.

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