Rural System, Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

The Stables

Insurance costs for horseback riding and stable care are said to be high. This does not stop some groups. Initial work will be with creating trails, loading areas and corrals, and developing a clientele.

Several stables throughout the region may be marketed as a unit. They provide superior horse care under a veterinarian's supervision. A computer-based nutrition program for each horse will become available.

A computer simulation and system provides an analysis of status, finances, health scores, and shows achievement of system objectives.

Publications and presentations on web sites and elsewhere include sections on ecosystem management, the role of horses in wildlife management, the attitudes of horse owners to a cooperative system of horse use and trail rides, the behavior of wildlife related to the wildlife-observer whether on foot or on horseback, the horse trail and its construction and use in recreation and wildlife management, and the potential role of horses in ecotourism.

The group works cooperatively with Stoneworms and The Wildland Walkers. Superior trails demonstrate concerns for watershed quality.

The proposed enterprise may provide:

At Lake Tahoe (1999) trail rides were $22; half-day rides were $80;a breakfast ride was $30; a barbecue ride was $40; a wagon ride was $12; an overnight pack trip was $300; extended pack trips were $150 per day. Group rates were available.

Estimated development costs are $100,000 with annual profits:

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