Rural System, Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

The Signs Group

Either with the Fence Group or as a separate entity of the Products Group, a sign shop may be created. It will be developed with the Viewscapes Group.

Many people will use the area. It will be necessary to instruct them, to get them to the correct places, to keep them out of hazardous areas. Signs can be used to create the property image, set (participate in) the style, and participate in the message that must somehow be communicated The following policies or concepts shape the work:

The shop may later expand to deal with wooden toys, art pieces, gift items, and garden art.

Wastes are recycled to the property.

The concept displayed is to get the highest possible human value from the wood on the property, to unify wood with ideas and processing, to maximize profits, to relate people to wood and the land, to create an alternative industry, to provide artistic services to enhance the value of the land, to provide employment potentials especially for indoor work and perhaps only part time, to develop a guild atmosphere with apprentice workers, and to cause a wood-art artist community to flourish.

There now exists massive wood sculpture of impressive imagination and artistry. Perhaps one or more sculptors of such works can be brought to the area. Working with wood from the property, and tools powered by energy from the property, they may create 50 to 100 sculptures that may be placed at special places throughout the area to enhance the recreational experiences, the pleasure of auto drives and using wagons on snow trails, and to adorn the areas near camps and adult education centers.

Metal place markers (e.g., picture points) may need welded numbers or symbols.

Later these may be produced for sale, using pallets and boxes from local wood for shipment around the world.

We'll work for meaningful sign ordinances.

The operation should be designed so tours can be conducted or so visitors may view operations in safety.

Initial Needs: Design standards, work space, saws, routing equipment, preservatives, paint shop, craftsperson.

We develop a "signs to see when leaving" novel strategy

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