Rural System, Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

Rural Splash
A Marketing Aid

A deck of playing cards are distributed as a marketing device.

A cover card is shown below.
Back of cards (3 paper colors...)

Reduced font...Rural Splash is a contest in pure strategy between two players. The black and white cards compete for the yellow cards. The yellow cards may be considered to be energy, ideas, power, portions of a market, health, social status, money, land or resources. Shuffle the yellow cards and place them in the center between two players, one with black, the other with white cards. Turn the top yellow card face up. Black and white chose one of their cards and simultaneously discard it. The player who discards the higher value card wins from the other the amount equal to the value of the upturned yellow card. If both players discard the same card, neither wins. Successively three cards are laid aside, a new yellow card is turned up, and the contest continues. After there are no remaining cards, the game ends. Consider team competitions. Discuss winning strategy. Rural System, Inc. improves decision making for managing natural resources.

One of the 11 numbered white
cards for the black and white card suits.

The black cards... all can be pocket size and cut from 8.5 x 11 pages.
These can be used in school presentations and in local contests, etc.

The game was originally called Goofspeil by S.M. Ross, Berkeley Operations Research Center, Univ. California, 1970.
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