Rural System, Inc.
 Sustained rural lands; sustained profits

  Rural Ruffs

Rural Ruffs look like the an extra tongue to a pair of boots or shoes (of any type). They protect the arches of the feet. They respond to the question "why is there always such thin leather under the laces of boots when the rest of the foot is so well protected?" They have the major role of protecting the leading center of boot laces, so easily cut or frayed by rough work in the wildlands. Finding bobwhite quail coveys in rough, thorny areas can tear up boots. Rural Ruffs provide protection.

Besides that, they're good looking, giving participants in a one-of-a-kind enterprise a one-of-a-kind character.

Rural Ruffs help make members of the Pivots and all participants of work and activities of Rural System, Inc. in the region distinctive. They are a style statement. They are made from the hides of legally harvested white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) removed from the region as part of a vigorous herd health strategy following years of successful wildlife management. (Be sure to see Antler Points and participate in The Deer Group.)
Insert the laces in the holes of the Ruffs so that the center of the laces is hidden (overlapping the one lower cross-strand, not exposed as shown here.)

When a person wears Ruffs they show that they are participating actively in the work of Rural System, Inc. and building The Deer Group, Covey, and other groups of the enterprise working for the good of people, all of whom are dependent upon vital, managed natural resources of the rural regions. When Ruffs are seen being used around the world, that will be one sign of success of Rural System, Inc. and the concepts behind it.

Later, 3 colors may be offered and a contract sought for use with basketball and other shoes. Cabellas, Forestry Suppliers, and other companies will be approached. A corporate name may be an advertising imprint on each Ruff.


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