Rural System, Inc.
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The Rounds Box
...for Rural Rounds

Round Boxes?


Boxed Rounds?

This is a box of Rural Rounds. The box is almost as good as the Rounds. Specially crafted in Rural System shops out of solar-seasoned wood from a Certified Forest, the boxes have the beautiful golden-section proportions. They have a simple pivot hinge and are glued and nailed - rough to take rough treatment and to continue to serve. They have the message for the future: collect things that have embodied within them much energy and that do work.

At the end of this note is a list of things you might want to do with your box. We hope you'll send us practical suggestions to add to our list.

Each one is hand-stained and lightly varnished.

There is a buck in each box to thank you for buying the Rural Rounds. We hope you'll use it for your next order. Better, put it in the box and start saving bills and coins for a trip to The Pivotal Tracts.

You'll be glad you did.
We'll be very glad to see you.
We're waiting for you.

Suggestions for use of the Rural Rounds Box:

Perhaps you will share ideas with me
about some of the topic(s) above at

Maybe we can work together
... for the good of us all
... for a long time.

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