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Rural Lives
Biographies of Rural Folks

This enterprise is devoted to collecting and preserving information about the lives of the people of the rural areas of the world. It is starting in the coalfields of Appalachia but rural folks share common experiences world-wide. It especially seeks to preserve their knowledge and reflections. It originated from its founder reading an obituary in the newspaper and discovering so many things about a friend they he did not know. He thought, how sad, what a waste, that this knowledge should come to him too late. Farther down the page he saw a two-line obituary. How sad! There has to have been so much more that needs to be said by and about this person.

Staff of Rural Lives is devoted to conservation, not only of buildings or even of natural resources, but of fundamental life-knowledge. It thinks that people keep making the same mistakes, driving down wrong roads, not seeing opportunities, not questioning the old rules. It knows some wise people but suspects that not many people know about them or their insights. It is fearful that conversations no longer exist among the noise of the TV and that wisdom will not be passed on ... everyone as an individual will have to make the same mistakes, we will not advance, be able " to stand on the shoulders of giants." Maybe that can be avoided.

Rural Lives is a modern effort to collect the autobiographies of people before it is too late. It is convinced of the knowledge, ideas, and insights of rural people and the premise that these should not be lost. It is not an obituary web site (oh, we'll enter them too) but it is a place to honor the life lived, to share experience and knowledge, and present things that are like "cairns" (small piles of stone as markers along trails). It is especially interested in reflections.

Here within Rural Lives you can find people with similar experience, associations, ideas. Here you can share your experiences, observations, and insights without bragging (which real rural people do not do). There may be found here support from a person in your time of need, an answer, a well-formulated question. Maybe an observation will lead to contacts. Maybe an invention will be supported. Maybe a reason for friendships forming will be the payoff. Maybe...we can only speculate on the outcomes and value of this rural rural people for rural people.
Simply by using the Find command (under Edit) at the top of the the computer, you can find key words within the biographies. We'll add a "search engine" as soon as possible that will allow you to search for combinations of words and ideas. Wonderful things happen when people communicate, think and work along with each other.

We'll not tell you how to write your biography. It needs to be in English. We'll edit it a little and it must not include rude, obscene, salacious, or demeaning comments. We expect rural courtesy. You must not include the names of people that have angered you or offended you. Libelous claims are not tolerated. You need to provide your name, current age or birth date, and email address. Your address is voluntary, but we need the name of the state where you now reside. We need to know whether you now live in a rural environment (your decision about the definition of that). We suggest including information about your family, residences, employment (types of work), military, inventions, awards, church or charitable activities, political involvement... but especially ideas, and reflections.

We prefer autobiographies but biographies are also welcomed. We offer e-book service.

We, however, are under no obligation to include all materials submitted to us.

We hope that you will consider the options offered by the Memorials Group for recognizing friends, employers, and others. Including their biography here with a memorial contribution to the Rural System Foundation can be a unique event...and one to which additions can be made through life.

We welcome autobiographies of children, especially those top-scoring ones written in classes and edited by teachers. The prospects of having each student enter their biographies can be a highly motivating element of an English or writing unit in any school program.

We'll enter elementary-grade student autobiographies (or biographies of their family-members or friends (with permission)) for $10 each. The funds pay for the staff and the storage space, etc. Other entries, up to 5 pages (equivalent to single spaced, standard 81/2 x 11 pages, 12point type), cost $20. After that, the costs are $5 a page. Let's talk about your longer biography for an e-book on a CD.

Rural Lives is part of a growing Rural System enterprise that will be valuable to people and natural resources now and for the future.

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